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The Welder and the Wolf Hunter


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15 minutes ago, The_Slamman said:

So, I guess it’s too late for LVE to make the pro bowl.  But if he keeps playing this way for the next 4 games... how does he not make 1st or 2nd team all pro?  I honestly can’t think of another LB having a better year. 

He was added to the ballots before voting commenced. Also, he could be a coaches pick if not selected 

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I mean, you hear people all the time be like, “If what I really want to happen doesn’t work out, I guess I’ll go with Plan B.” And I get it. I really do. But sometimes, there’s no room for a Plan B, you know? Sometimes in life it’s just gotta be Plan A or bust.

Like: No alternatives. One path. Period.



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