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BDL 2018 Quarterfinals: #6 Ivory Coast Black Rhinos @ #3 Rome Eternals


Ivory Coast Black Rhinos @ Rome Eternals  

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BDL 2018 Quarterfinals

Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both.

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Ivory Coast Black Rhinos Lineup:

QB- Andrew Luck
RB- Nick Chubb
WR- Alshon Jeffery
WR- Brandin Cooks
WR- Curtis Samuel
WR- Robby Anderson
LT- Trent Williams
LG- Eric Kush
C- Jason Kelce
RG- Zack Martin *INACTIVE*
RT- Rick Wagner *INACTIVE*


RB- Jalen Richard
FB- Anthony Sherman
TE- Vernon Davis
TE- Luke Stocker
WR- Jarius Wright
WR- J.J. Nelson
OL- Dion Dawkins
OL- Vladimir Ducasse *INACTIVE*




DE- Khalil Mack
DT- Da'Ron Payne
NT- Larry Ogunjobi
DE- Myles Garrett
MLB- Wesley Woodyard
WLB- Jerome Baker
CB- Tre'Davious White
CB- Adoree' Jackson
CB- Malcolm Butler
SS- Tony Jefferson
FS- Devin McCourty


DE- Terrell Suggs
DT- Maurice Hurst
DT- Maliek Collins
NT- Dontari Poe
LB- Marquel Lee
CB- Camerson Sutton
CB- Brandon Williams
S- Eric Reid




QB Drew Brees

RB Todd Gurley

Slot WR Julian Edelman

WR JuJu Smith Schuster

Slot WR Amari Cooper

WR Dontrelle Inman

LT Tyron Smith

LG Ramon  Foster

C Justin Britt

RG Braden Smith

RT Ryan Ramczyk


WR Marquise Goodwin

OL  Stefan Wisniewski

RB Phillip Lindsay

RB Marlon Mack

FB Zach Line

OL Greg Robinson

TE Matt LaCrosse

TE Anthony Firsker


Edge Marcus Davenport

DT Dalvin Tomlinson

NT Mike Pennel

Edge Carlos Dunlap

LB Leighton Vander EscH

LB Alex Anzalone

LB CJ Mosley

CB Prince Amukamara

CB Marlon Humphrey   q

Slot Nickell Robley Coleman

S Tedric Thompson


S Jahleel Addae

Edge Dante Fowler

Edge Samson Ebukan

DL Michael Brockers

DL Matt Ioannidis. Q

CB William Jackson

CB Janoris Jenkins

LB Patrick Onwuasor

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Ivory Coast Black Rhinos Gameplan:

Primary Formation: 4 Wide "10" Personnel
- We will stick with the 4 wide personnel coming into the playoffs, as we want to give Andrew Luck ample targets as well as limit the bodies in the box that Chubb would have to face. We'll feature heavy use of trips formation in order to execute rub routes getting receivers open off the line against men, and flooding zone coverage with multiple routes forcing the defenders to pick and choose which route to cover, giving Luck an easy option to hit the open man. We'll be running a lot of plays out of pistol and shotgun, to implement the run-pass-option plays.

Running Game Focus- Nick Chubb will get the bulk of the opportunities in the backfield, and in this matchup he will get a heavy dose of RPO opportunities. If Luck pulls the ball out, he'll stay in to block half the time, and sneak out the backfield the other half. With the field spread, we're hoping to limit the bodies in the box, so Chubb will have an opportunity to pick and choose the hole that he hits. We'll bring in our fullback and tight ends when we are dealing with short yardage, to provide more beef if we run it. We will on occasion pull a lineman, but for the most part it's straight ahead, helmet on helmet blocking with double team concepts designed to open holes.

Passing Game Focus- We're utilizing 4 receiver sets for most of the time, removing one or two when we get into short yardage situation (while still mixing up running and passing with the FB+TE). With the 4 receivers we want to use a lot of trips sets, it'll allow us to execute rub routes against man coverage, and flooding concepts against zone coverage. We'll have our receivers attacking every level of the defense, and just giving Andrew Luck the opportunity to make the read and find the open man, or give his receiver a shot to make the play. We'll utilize some quick receiver screens as well as some running back screens to Chubb, to keep the defense honest.

X-Factor on Offense: RPO- We are going to allow Andrew Luck to dictate whether to hand the ball off to Luck, or use it to draw the defense in before making a pass to one of our many receivers. 


Defensive Formation: 4-2-5 Defense
- Our base defense will be a 4-2-5 look, when we need to go heavier we'll add Maurice Hurst on the line and take out Malcolm Butler for a 5-2-5 look. If they come out with 4 or 5 receivers, we'll take Larry Ogunjobi out and bring in Eric Reid as another safety in coverage, for a 3-2-6 look.

Secondary Coverage: Cover-2 & 3 Zone- For this game we'll be going with a heavy zone coverage look, using both cover 2 (with our safeties) and cover 3 (McCourty, outside cornerbacks). We want to try and flood the intermediate zone with lots of bodies, forcing Brees to hold onto the ball longer for more developing plays, counting on our defensive line to get home. We'll sprinkle in some man coverage when we have the corners to match up on the receivers (3 receivers or fewer), in those cases we'll have Tre'Davious White on Amari Cooper, Adoree' Jackson in the slot and Malcolm Butler on the outside, with the safeties playing cover-2 over the top. 

Defensive Box- We're going to focus on penetrating the offensive line, keeping a steady rotation of defensive linemen to generate as much pressure as possible against Rom. We want to be highly disruptive, and have 1-gap responsibilities. We have 4 defensive linemen on the bench, so we can try and keep the bodies fresh going into the 4th quarter. Jerome Baker will have the running back responsibilities; if it's a run he plays the run, if it's a pass and the back stays in the block, he'll go in on a delayed blitz.

X-Factor on Defense: Rely on the Defensive LIne- We trust Khalil Mack and Myles Garrett to be able to generate pressure off the edges, and we're going to help out by rotating the other linemen heavily to help rush the passer at full strength all game long.


Offensively, we spread the ball with 4 receivers, letting Andrew Luck decide whether to hand the ball off to Nick Chubb on RPOs and dissecting the defense with trips to handle both man coverage and zone coverage. 

Defensively, we come out with a 4-2-5 look that is ready to adapt to what Rome throws at us, we'll use a heavy dosage of zone coverage and rely on our defensive line to penetrate and disrupt the runs and passes.







For the second week in a row, we welcome in Ivory Coast and their excellent defensive line.  However, their secondary lacks depth and we feel we can take advantage. We expected IC to try and rectify this situation but they did not make any moves this week. Thus we have pretty much the same plan with some wrinkles this week (Last two paragraphs).  We also plan on tempo tempo tempo to tire out the IC pass rushers

We will generally open up the formation with four wr  and bring Edelman in motion to the wide side of the field.  This motion will let us know when Ivory is in man as we like the majority of our match-ups and will attack any non Jackson corner with emphasis at going after corners 3 and four White has been struggling in his second season, we all know about Malcolm Butler and Cameron Sutton is a special teamer who hasn't played defensive snaps since week 8.  If they are in press man Butler and Sutton will be targeted a lot.

 If it's cover two expect our underneath routes with Edelman featured to be targeted. We are gonna run some rub routes early also as IC came out in press man two in our last battle.  This could lead to some early chunk plays.

Up front, we know we have our hands full with mack and Garrett. One way we plan on slowing them down is having Gurley helping out chipping before hitting his route and sometimes downright double teaming the edge he's lined up on.  This chipping blocking by Gurley should help mask the screen game we plan on incorporating this week as another way to slow down the pass rush. The four wide should restrict their ability to send a lot of blitzes without getting burned

Gurley is gonna get about 20 touches between the passing and running game.  We are gonna use a fair amount of draw plays to slow down the edge rushers and get the lbs/safeties moving backwards first.  

We will rotate in mack on early downs and Lindsay on third downs occasionally to give Gurley a break.  We even have a short yardage package with two te and a fb

We will also throw out a five WR look on our first drive to see if IC brought a fifth corner with them.  If not, expect us to run five wide about 10% of the time to get some mismatches If Brees reads zone from the Edelman motion he will audible to floods and seams


New stuff

Our first new wrinkle is to be alert for zone blitzing as IC needs to switch it up from last week to have a chance here.  We're gonna incorporate some WR screens from Trip formations with Juju to try to take advantage of the numbers game on the outside if Drew reads the zone blitz   Trips formation also allows us to hit the floods and seam routes against zones.

Second wrinkle this week is occasionally going three wide if we see man and having two RB in the backfield with Lindsey and Gurley.  Motion one out and see if we can get a mismatch on Woodyard. This also could allow Lindsey to get some running yards on a defense aiming to stop Gurley in the run game as they might lax if he goes out wide.


Tl/Dr.  Attack butler, Sutton fifth non corner .  Motion to gauge coverage, trip formations to beat zones.  Screens and draws with Gurley/Juju to get them in space


This week we welcome in Andrew Luck. Unfortunately for IC, their guard position is currently a black hole with the already dormant LG position now further hurt by RG Zach Martin being inactive this week.  This likely leaves Eric Kush and Dion Dawkins as the starting guards. Again, mainly the same plan as last week as we think they'll scrap the four wide with the interior protection issues

In coverage. Marlon Humphrey will be in charge of Alshon Jeffrey.  Prince Amukamra gets Cooks with constant help over the top.  Nickell gets Samuel while Jackson goes speed for speed with Anderson responsibilities depending on who is in. We trust our 3 and 4 CB vs their 3 and 4 wr and our lb vs their te and RB in coverage.  We have Jenkins available for 5 wide.

On the line we have some big beef in the middle for early downs as shown.  For passing downs we are shifting Dunlap inside for Pennel and putting Fowler on the edge.  Ioannidis will come in for Tomlinson in these situations if he plays, if not it's Alualu just to keep the heavies fresh.  Ekuban will occasionally spell the edges on early downs to give them a breather

As you will notice we are only playing one deep safety. This is for the te 3 wr formation as it allows Mosley in the middle to either play robber underneath zone or blitz right at either G. Davis as an extra blocker can only help on the edges.  This blitz or not will also make luck hold onto the ball to read it for an extra moment to help our rush get home. Anzalone has Davis responsibility and should shut him down in any routes

If it's three wide two RB we will play more cover two safeties with addae coming in for mosley.  Lb assigned to Sherman(sides) will play close to line of scrimmage and blitz if Sherman stays in which he mostly will do.

LVE has chubb duties with high alert for screens to be blown up.  We don't really fear chub in the passing game besides that so he'll be keying in on the running game

If for some unknown reason they go four wide again we'll bring in Jackson for Anzalone with the cover two man look.  In the four wide we'll run the smaller d line package as their interior can't hold up in its current form

We feel our back end can force luck to hold onto the ball and let our rush get home

We will mix in some zones and blitzes with zone to keep Luck guessing but mostly will roll with man.


Trust the corners with Cooks help, hit the G spot(naughty!) , bend don't break

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