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Pro Day Results


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43 minutes ago, SBLIII said:

I'm most interested in Hanks and his 40

I'll be curious if DK re-does the 3 cone. His numbers were horrific at the combine in that regard, but it looks like he slipped a couple of times and has technique issues. 

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8 minutes ago, IDOG_det said:

Not shocking. He's been clocked at 24 mph. DK Metcalf was clocked at 22.6 mph at a similar age and he ran a 4.33. 

I agree, not very shocking the kid is very fast and so is Jeudy.  What is more shocking, why does a player who is not even eligible for this years draft allowed to run at a public pro day with NFL scouts all over?  Isn't that illegal or against the rules in some way?  

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There are a lot of guys who really have a lot to prove at the pro day.  


Bryce Love - very curious how he times, should have a blazing 40 but will see if he even works out

Chase Hansen - Disappointed he did not perform, kid is a standout athlete for a linebacker I feel

Nasir Adderley - blazing speed potentially, but I would be disappointed if it is not in the 4.3 range, could be a 1st rounder if it is.

Rodney Anderson - speed again is key and how he looks off the injury

Deionte Thompson - speed could be a huge need for him to prove

Greg Dortch - again has burner speed can he show it

CJ Conrad - hopefully his health issues that got him kicked out of the combine are not long term

Kendall Sheffield - apparently a burner, will see

Taylor Rapp - fine athlete, great quickness now can he show a good 40 if so is a 1st rounder

Mack Wilson - not sure he is as athletic as some think

JJ Arcega-Whiteside - big guy, disappointed by his size though honestly, see how he runs

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