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Raiders sign LT/RT Trent Brown (4 years, $66 M)

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So does that mean that if Brown plays well this year that Gruden/Olsen/Cable/Jeanpierre are, at least, average?

Making subliminal tweets or statements to stir the pot should be the story here, unless...he isn't talking about our coaches.

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42 minutes ago, SilverNBlackFan said:

Cable or no Cable, hes the highest paid RT in NFL history and he better perform. 

I could see coaching derailing a young player like Miller, but Brown is (supposedly) an established player already who has played at a high level. 

So when you been playing in a power blocking scheme then a coach comes in and decides to change it to a zbs an established player should just be good at it or if the coach is telling you to do things totally different from what you had been learning prior. I hope it works out but Cable's track record is pathetic. Beastmode made the run blocking look good in Seattle which probably makes it even worst in actuality.


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