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Packerraymond's Final Mock Draft


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Round 1 (12): Devin Bush is still on the board, Gute receives a call from Pittsburgh who has fallen in love and needs a replacement for Shazier. The Packers don't love the board here and are happy to get picks 20 & 52 for #12. 


Round 1 Brian Burns 6'5 249 EDGE

School: Florida State

Burns is the compliment to the Smiths' I think Pettine is looking for. He's going to be able to rush on the edge and drop and effectively cover tight ends and backs in the alleys. Burns is both the quickest and most natural bendy EDGE prospect in the draft. His major downside comes with his weight, how fake is that 249lb Combine weigh in? Can he sit long term at 245-255 in the NFL? If he can I think you have a steal here, think a more refined rusher with the frame and bend of Leonard Floyd. He'll always be a sift and penetrate run defender like Clay was, you aren't going to see him sit and anchor like Perry could, but in the early years we had no qualms with how Clay defended the run. Biggest threat for Burns after 12 will be 16 to Carolina, next threat would be Seattle at 21 to replace Clark, so sliding here into 2 and still getting Burns would be a slam dunk for the Pack.

Round 1 DK Metcalf 6'3  228 WR

School: Ole Miss

Why the hell not? I've seen this guy fall consistently since the Combine and a few recent mocks without him in round 1 at all. We should gladly scoop him up at 30 if he makes it to this spot. Everyone is so quick to jump up and down and shout about what he can't do that no one is focusing on the downright elite traits he showcases in the areas of the game he can perform. You're talking about a 6'3 228 WR with 35" arms and 10" hands that ran a 4.33 and jumped a 40. This is the fastest 225+ pound man ever in Combine history. The Packers have Adams who is a flat out stud, then a set of complimentary possession players in Allison, EQ, Moore and Graham. MVS has a chance to be an all around type player. Then comes Metcalf who will feast in the play action deep game and the short yardage slant/hitch game. Perfect fit for a scheme like LaFleur's. We're going to make our pass game more efficient by scheme open our short yardage concepts and mirroring our deep concepts off our run game concepts to create deception and explosive plays. This video sums up my feelings on Metcalf exactly, in the right home this could be a down right dominant WR. Watch this and learn something. 



Round 2 Darnell Savage 5'11 198 S

School: Maryland

Savage has become one of my favorite prospects in the draft and I barely had any idea who he was during the college season. I get a Nick Collins like vibe when I watch him. Legit explosion and suddenness and a guy I think can play centerfield and allow Amos to play a more in the box role that I think he's suited for. I also think you can put Savage at the LOS and have him play M2M with a slot WR or a back like Cohen and find success. In this draft I have Adderley and Savage as the two safeties that are the best fit for the defense as it stands, if Savage is there at 44, don't over think it, just turn in the card.

Round 2 Max Scharping 6'6 327 OT

School: Northern Illinois

Scharping was my most impressive OL coming out of the Senior Bowl, he outperformed all the Badgers OL and many other day 1-2 guys there. Dillard was probably the only OL there better than him, maybe Lindstrom. I think this guy is a perfect heir to Bulaga's spot, but unlike a guy like Spriggs, I do think Scharping has a career as an OG if the OT spot doesn't work. Almost 30 reps on the bench and 330 pounds, there's an anchor that that can play inside and he can be an ultra athletic guard. The move down in round 1 lets us get a stud rusher, while we still get a pretty damn good OL in Rd 2 after passing on Dillard and Williams.

Round 3 Justin Layne 6'2 193 CB

School: MSU

First pick that has some folks scratching their head, for the 4th time in 6 years the Packers end day 2 of the draft having used 2 picks on DBs. Hopefully this ends the need for awhile. Layne is one to watch for us I believe, long press corner. Kevin King with less athletic ability but more physicality and ball skills. Converted WR who can play the ball and generate takeaways. Jaire is the true stud of the secondary, IMO we need to get him in the slot and away from the boundary where QBs can avoid him. Put him right where CWood was in his prime here. Layne and King man the outsides, Jaire in the slot. Jackson plays Hyde's role as the 4th CB and 3rd safety essentially being able to play anywhere and more than likely starting some games due to injury. Hopefully the secondary is set.

Round 4: Foster Moreau 6'4 253 TE

School LSU

Moreau shocked me at the Combine, I had him down as a blocking TE. Will Dissly like athlete, but he's much more than that. A true chance to be a complete Y TE that can help the pass and the run game. Should be a guy we look hard at of he makes it to round 4.

Round 4: Trysten Hill 6'3 308 DL

School: UCF

Hill is a H/W/S kind of prospect, new staff at UCF wasn't really a fan of his and he didn't play much, but he is a top level athlete for the position. Worth a shot in the 4th round if he makes it there. A year behind Clark/Daniels and hopefully Wilkerson will do him a lot of good. 

Round 5: Caleb Wilson 6'4 240 TE

School UCLA

Take a shot on a true move TE as well. I think Wilson is a 3/4th round TE that will be pushed down due to the pure depth of this TE class. Take advantage of that and grab a 2nd TE. We'll probably keep 4 TEs in this scenario so he'll battle Tonyan for the last spot and the future move TE on the roster.

Round 6 Darrin Hall 5'11 217 RB

School: Pitt

Hall was a top performer in his college all star game and proved he is a high end athlete at his pro day. No reason for the Pack to dabble high with a RB this year with everyone praising how Jones and Williams look coming in to camp, but with 10 picks, no reason not to bring another back into camp, Hall could stick.

Round 6: Phil Haynes 6'4 322 OG

School: Wake Forest

Not sure where Haynes will go, it could be higher, but he's one of my favorite later round IOL prospects. Pretty damn solid athlete and body type. Would love to see him in our camp.

Round 7: Curtis Bolton 6'0 218 LB/S

School: Oklahoma

First position is probably ST Ace. Unfortunately his size makes it so he may never be a great defensive player, but we brought him in for a visit and he is a pretty high end athlete. Good guy to guarantee you get in camp here in Rd 7.

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Nice.  Metcalf as the 'bonus' pick is a great gamble for greatness.  This is really nitpicking, but one of the last two I'd like to see another shot at a really athletic safety rather than another IOL.  (We already have Madison and Siragusa new this year besides Turner)

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I could get on board with this. 

It's well thought out draft, and everyone should be able to appreciate that.

The first three picks work for me. I really like Scharping, but I still don't think he'll sneak into the Top 2 Rounds. 

Layne is probably the first player I'd rather go somewhere else. I don't mind addressing the CB position (and I agree with how you view position as a whole), I'd just probably lean Bunting there over Layne (unless you're of the opinion he won't be available). I'd also be interested to see what our coaches could do with Isaiah Johnson.  Overall, the CB class is pretty weak, so beggars can't be choosers. That being said--I wouldn't be surprised if that position isn't addressed until Day 3 based purely on how value and draft slots may align. 

Nice Round 4. 

Can't complain too much about the Late Day 3 Guys, but I'm not sure Wilson will amount to anything in the NFL. I don't see anything with Hall that you can't get from an UDFA. Haynes is a nice selection, but I agree that he will probably go higher. Bolton is a super interesting case and could be an ST stud, but he missed a lot of tackles last year. 

Overall, nice job. 


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11 minutes ago, Dubz41 said:

Nice.  Metcalf as the 'bonus' pick is a great gamble for greatness.  This is really nitpicking, but one of the last two I'd like to see another shot at a really athletic safety rather than another IOL.  (We already have Madison and Siragusa new this year besides Turner)

If we take a CB day 1/2 this year, I think you'll see Jackson transition into a Hyde role and be cross trained to play both, which is really where I want him. I want that guy with his eyes on the QB and not playing M2M. I didn't take another DB for that reason, I want Jackson on the field and I really like Tony Brown too. We'd have plenty of young DBs back there.

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Metcalf looks like the biggest bust candidate in this draft honestly.  Don't even have an issue with the position at 30, it's just his physique obsession.  Fat literally protects you against injuries of all sorts, and his obsession with body fat I don't like.  

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I'd love to finally get a WR in the 1st round! (HA!!!) and DK looks like a stud. Mix him in with our other talents?????????????????
When's the season start anyway? :)

Btw.......I love the Burns pick (but guess you'd figured that already) - but - 20?
Am I really gonna have to have my fingers crossed that long? Makes it really tough to type! :)

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10 minutes ago, Outpost31 said:

Metcalf looks like the biggest bust candidate in this draft honestly.  Don't even have an issue with the position at 30, it's just his physique obsession.  Fat literally protects you against injuries of all sorts, and his obsession with body fat I don't like.  

He's in incredible shape, but I don't think he has an anti-body fat obsession. Guy is pretty smart and we'll spoken and I don't get any diva vibes from him either. He's a workout freak but so is EQ, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Obviously you can't go full David Boston and he's flirting with that, but I think he's smart enough to know better.

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Love the trade down. Love the picks.

If it was my thing, I like the extreme boom and bust potential of Metcalf, I'd be happy to take him with our first first rounder and then go Tillery at 30. That for me is a dream. As is swapping the CB in third round for an edge guy like Anthony Nelson but I'm getting picky here.

Thank you, good job.

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The trade down is key in order for me to not get frustrated with a First Round WR.  The WR without Scharping or Savage would make me cringe as other mocks have. A creative way to have your cake and frosting too. Don't know that I agree with all the names, but the ideas are good enough for me

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