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Want to read more about NFL analysis instead of watching TV. Want to know who are the best sites or writers that teaches you the fundamentals of the game and uses analytics in their analysis. 


I realize I lack knowledge of basic football strategy and want to understand what statistics truly matter so fundamentals with analytics should be good balanced for analysis. 

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My Twitter list, a good mix for me of general guys, analytics guys and film room guys:




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Walter Cheripinsky-  of walterfootball.com   - I've been following this site for about ten years and their bold rankings and principles really changed the way I've drafted teams and not being afraid to reach for different players.   So many great finishes in fantasy football from reading this material through the years.  These guys are also NFL draft experts so reading about NFL draft talent has helped in understanding and projecting real life and fantasy football. 

Phil Steele- More of a non fantasy football guy but he's the first one that really emphasized how targets matter in fantasy football and his importance on turnover differential and other metrics have helped me figure out the surprise & bust teams of the year.

Warren Sharp- I just read his book for the first time this weekend and it's been a fascinating read so far.  This guy really understands how coaching and play calling can really propel and bury a team.

Evan Silva-  While I like to monitor the ESPN rankings to get a feel of where everyone else will be drafting guys, I also monitor Evan Silva's fantasy rankings.  Silva is a smart consistent mind and while he's not too bold as some of my other favorite reads, I like having a feel of his rankings to know how early and late some of the smarter drafters might take some sleepers and breakouts off the board.   

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fivethirtyeight does a good job if you can get over the fact nate silver is a dumb centrist with a superiority complex and it shows in writing

and they use lots of graphs and statistics etc to write on some pretty niche thins that you don’t really see talked about else where

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