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Lamar Jackson QB1


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3 minutes ago, DreamKid said:


Yeah that’s what’s impressive. People compare him to Vick and like I said when they did. He’s Mike Vick but with the ability to read defenses at a high level and make accurate passes. Plus he’s bigger and stronger. Cam Newton is more comparable to Vick as a passer, both in reading defenses and in accuracy.

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7 hours ago, BaltimoreTerp said:

That's my quarterback 

One of the things that is so hard to gauge in the draft process is the drive a QB has to be better and to learn.

Lamar really seems to get it, that he has to improve in many areas. We talked about the drive shown in the Flacco/Lamar thread, and this is one of the things where we can see a QB trying to improve (don't know if we saw the same reports with Flacco in the pre twitter era).

As I mentioned in the gameday thread, Lamar has to avoid always locking in on Marquise Brown and Mandrews. Yesterday I felt he sometimes "holds" the ball a little longer because he knows either will get open eventually, instead of hitting the receiver/tight end that is open. We noticed at least one time where Hurst was wide open, and Lamar had already zoned in on Mandrews as his target.

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