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Quarter season awards


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Is this who should win the awards right now, at the quarter mark of the season? Or, as of the quarter mark, who do we think will finish the season with these awards?

If the former:

MVP: Shaq Barrett

OPOY: Patrick Mahomes

DPOY: Shaq Barrett

CPOY: Jimmy Garapolo

OROY: Gardner Minshew

DROY: Ryan Connelly

COTY: Shanahan

If the latter:

MVP: Patrick Mahomes

OPOY: Christian McCaffrey

DPOY: Shaq Barrett

CPOY: Leveon Bell

OROY: Daniel Jones

DROY: Josh Allen

COTY: Arians

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37 minutes ago, biggbrd said:

MVP - mahomes

OPOY - cmc

DPOY - Shaq Barrett

CPOY - Does anyone really care about this one? Didn't Emmanuel Sanders get hurt? I'll say him

DROY - Brian Burns

OROY - Minshew, I guess

COTY - McDermott, I think, though BB needs to be in the running if not the lead. Reid too


Who you got?


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