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Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello


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Stupid. I honestly dont understand this at all given how well the offense looked with Drew Lock for the last 5 games. Cant help but think Rich got penalized for what Flacco was unable to accomplish for the first 10 games. 

Feels like a 1 step forward 2 steps back situation almost a Browns level move. Plus, this might set Lock back as well given that he now has to learn a new offense. The only way this makes any sort of sense is that with Stefanski going to CLE Gary Kubiak might be available. 

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Elway and Vic sure after the season that they were keeping the staff together so something changed.

 Either A) there’s about to be news about some legal troubles


B) we’re bringing Kubes back


C) Mike Shanahan, realized how much he missed the game while watching Kyle coach yesterday rang up John like... 



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51 minutes ago, BroncoBruin said:

Seriously though, this is puzzling on many levels. Now five OCs in five years. 

I don't understand this at all, on any level!

The main thing lacking from a coaching standpoint has been continuity. Our O showed great progress throughout the season as did Scangarello. I was really looking forward to watching both the kids and Scangarello grow together. 

Man, I'm seriously bummed.

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7 minutes ago, AnAngryAmerican said:

Yeah, our OL was elite this year. 

Now stop it! Thats a lousy way to look at it and you know it.

The improvement over the season was remarkable. Even depleted as we were with injuries, the backups still stepped up and played above their potential.

We both know that Munchak/Kuper produced an OL that by the end of the year exceeded their abilities. Rodgers, Schlottman and Morris are all undrafted yet played well in the last game. How 'bout we applaud them for what they accomplished with the limited talent they had and look forward to a serious talent influx this offseason. 

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