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Vikings extend QB Kirk Cousins (Two years)


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14 minutes ago, vikingsrule said:

Agreed. I’m sure they are trying to open up cap space, I just hope this isn’t another fully guaranteed deal. 

Generally if numbers are not released immediately (leaked by the agent), it generally less eye-popping (player favorable).

Less hope that rings true here......

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4 minutes ago, VikeManDan said:

Agreed. There needs to be an out.

In actuality it would put him in purple through the 2022 season?

2020-21 last year of initial deal (2020 season)
2021-22 1st year of extension (2021 season)
2022-23 2nd year of extension (2022 season)

Any QB drafted this year would be going into year 4 in 2023 season, which would be the last year of a rookie deal (provided they're not a 1st round pick). Trying to look at from all angles.

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While $10 million is loosened up for the CAP, I am still disappointed the Vikings caved in the amount of guaranteed money.  We'll have to see how the Vikings play it from here.

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This is actually a very good move by the Vikings. 

A two year extension doesnt prevent them from looking for and possibly finding their long term answer, but it also doesn’t force them to pick a QB either. 

Lowering the cap hit $10M for 2020 is huge. And for right now, I really don’t care what his cap hit in 2021 or 2022 is, because we really have no clue where the salary cap is going. 

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