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GB’s and Clapper’s Steelers vs Tankers

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Could this game have been any more perfect?

-Fun to watch
-Some really promising things from future key pieces like Randy Gregory and Neville Gallimore
-D and ST looked competent, which is nice to know is possible with this coaching staff
-Coaches haven't lost the lockerroom for the long run
-We are still on track for a top-3 pick!

Let's do exactly that every week.

Game Balls

-Randy Gregory and Neville Gallimore for giving us hope for their future
-Jaylon Smith, the season MVP if we're being honest


-Garrett Gilbert... Dude could be a problem for our mission.
-Tyrone Crawford... get with the program, bro! If you are going to be a veteran without a future on the team, we really need you to allow the other team to score points Take notes from Jaylon.

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Game balls: 

Everyone. Another notch in the lose column is exactly what we were looking for. 

Jock strap:

Coaching staff. Looks like they are still working on getting some wins. Amazing trick play from ST nearly ruined the game. Defense is playing better. MM and KM really did well preparing Gilbert this week. These are all unacceptable things and must be fixed moving forward.

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Honestly, I have never been more proud of a football player than I am of Jaylon Smith.  For those of you who followed the GDT, things were a little intense.  Late in the 4th quarter and were up 4 and it appears the defense is going to force a punt.  Jaylon took it on himself to keep our dream alive.  I propose we rename GB to JS for the remainder of the season.  He’s literally been that good.  

I was tempted to go off on gallimore, Gregory, Greg the leg, fassell, etc.  But I feel so good about Jaylon, I didn’t want to come off this high.

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GB: The refs. You really saved us with some timely calls and no calls.

Jaylon. MVP MVP

CD: Great fumble at the end of the half.

JS: Gallimore. You played well against the run and got pressure.

CD. Made some nice catches 

Gilbert. Trying to give this team some life.

Bones. You made our special teams actually look special for once.

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