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Week 10 GDT - SF @ NO


How much will the niners lose by this weekend?  

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  1. 1. How much will the niners lose by this weekend?

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Usually @J-ALL-DAY makes the GDTs but I figured I would fire this one up with the game around the corner

Really tough game coming up this week in NO. They started the season a little slow and were not playing their best ball, but have really started to find their stride. 

The recently got back both emmanuel sanders and Michael thomas, while guys like trequan smith and marquez callaway have played well. This gives them 4 WRs who are actually viable targets (not to mention jared cook) something they havent had in several years. 

Kamara is incredible and back to his natural form. He was injured last year and wasnt the same guy, but he looks every bit the explosive, long, quick footed, duel threat RB with the best balance that I have ever seen, which is exactly the guy that the Saints paid him to be. Really important that we do a good job on Kamara catching passes out of the backfield. He is amazing with the ball in space and is very hard to tackle in the open field. I know warner is up to the task, I feel like warner should be manned up on/follow Kamara wherever he goes. 

Their defense has been very streaky this year, but they got marcus davenport back last week and he really changed the complexion of their DL. I feel like both davenport and Cam Jordan are going to give McGlinchey a ton of problems. Their interior DL is stout, so I expect a lof of issues running the ball on them. 

Aiyuk vs Lattimore will be a great matchup to watch, lattimore seems like he has the physical traits that you would think would match up well with Aiyuk, so it will be important for us to move him around and give him clean releases off the line. 

Everyone remembers the shootout we had against them last year. Unfortunately it looks like Marcell harris will be starting for us again this week. He started for us last year in this same spot and the saints went right after him every single play to start the game. Really set the tone for that entire game. Based on what we saw from him in coverage last week against GB, I would expect them to run guys into the deep zone if harris is ever lined up outside of the box. I really would like to see Ward and Moore as our starting safties this week. I really have no idea why Saleh hasnt used Moore more with tartt being out. Its really baffling given how moore looked when ward was out earlier in the year and how bad harris has appeared at times. He is basically a complete liability in coverage and is a streaky tackler. I will say he has done a better job wrapping up than he did earlier in the season, which is something I guess. 

Another interesting angle is kwon alexander is now on the saints. So is sanders. So realistically the saints know the ins and outs of both sides of our playbooks. 

Potential trap game for the saints given the horrible film we have put out there the last few weeks, especially considering the saints had a big win on SNF against a divisional rival, and also given the extra prep time for us (would love for someone to find the stats on kyle with extra prep time) but ultimately I think the saints still recognize how important that loss was last year, and will not take us lightly, despite the fact we are down 9 starters on offense and several more on defense. 

This is a really terrible matchup for us. Brees will pick you apart if you give him time in the pocket, and our pass rush has been poor to say the least. Kamara will make you pay for small mistakes. Sean Payton is aggressive and likes to step on teams throats. Their DL is best we have faced outside of the eagles, and our OL has been bad in pass protection and picking up blitzes.  

Taysom Hill will probably get a lot of action this week. 

Quite simply, they just have more firepower than we do on both sides of the ball. Its a bit easier to go into the dome given it wont be as loud as usual, but this team is a buzzsaw and I expect this game to get really ugly. I just dont think noodle arm nick mullens will be able to put up enough points this week to keep it close.

vegas line: Saints -9, over under 53.5

Score prediction: Saints 38, Niners 13

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I think we should be able to move the ball decently well against them. There's a solid chance that Deebo will be back and possibly Mostert. Those are two game changing players on the offensive side of the ball. With no pass rush, Brees should have his way like he did last season. Heck, we got Bosa and Buckner and it didn't matter. Starting Harris again is going to be a killer. Tartt is just so damn important to this defense but he can't stay healthy. If only Saleh would play Ward and Moore this game. It will be interesting to see if Sherman returns because if he does, him and Verrett should do a solid job on the perimeter. Williams being hurt sucks but Taylor hasn't played bad at all. 

I don't think we win, but it won't be a GB type of blowout either.

NO 27 SF 20 

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Yeah, if mostert and deebo are back that completely changes things. Would also be par for the course with us, rushing both guys back before the bye 

Part of my prediction is predicated on the idea our only legit weapon right now is aiyuk, and the fact the saints have lattimore

Not impossible to win, long week helps, but it's a bad matchup for us on both sides of the ball 


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1 minute ago, J-ALL-DAY said:

NO isn't as good as they looked lost week. But I don't see this happening without Deebo, Mostert and Sherman. If those three returned, this could have been a real game. 

The fact that you didn't include Jimmy in this kind of says a lot 😂

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On 11/11/2020 at 6:04 PM, TecmoSuperJoe said:

49ers: 34

Saints: 20

I just don't see how we hold Brees to 20 points with zero pass rush.   We're always in shootouts with him even when we have a phenomenal pass rush.  And, if they get ahead early, which is very possible, we're airing it out with....Mullens?  Beathard in the fourth quarter? I don't even know what we're doing with quarterbacks anymore.   And, we're not going to have Mostert, our leading rusher(despite missing 5 games) to help keep long drives going and keeping Brees off the field.

I want to be optimistic, but I'm having a hard time seeing a scenario where we beat them, let alone by two touchdowns.  Shanny's going to throw in a little razzle dazzle to keep it interesting, but I think we lose this one by a lot.

Mucho respect for being able to keep the chin up, though.  


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