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Week 10: Lions 🦁 and Tigers 🐯 and a “Football Team,” Oh my!

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Adrian Peterson says, “They will regret what they let go.”

What: A horrible Football Team vs the Lowly  Lions

Where: The Big Car Dealersip where we never win

Why: Because they like to torture us

How: I don’t know but I’m sure they’ll s*natch defeat from the jaws of victory once again!

Washington has its 3rd starting QB of the season and it’s the remarkable Alex Smith. Alex Smith’s recovery from a catastrophic broken leg and the infection that almost killed him is remarkable. The man is missing most of his muscle in the bottom part of his leg and some muscle above the knee as well. He also of course now has a titanium rod in his lower leg. It’s just remarkable he’s made it back and he’s an inspiration to so many - especially Veterans - for what he’s accomplished. 

baby hat GIF

As everyone knows, Alex came in for the injured Kyle Allen at the end of the 1st quarter vs the Giants after Allen dislocated his ankle and fractured his leg in about the same spot on the field that both Alex Smith and Joe Theisman had their broken legs. It was a gruesome injury which had Jabril Peppers - who rolled into him and cause the injury - to look shocked and to be moving backwards away from Kyle as he stared at Kyle’s foot facing the wrong direction and his lower leg broken in front of him.

After that injury Alex Smith looked like his usual self for the rest of the first half. He was dumping the ball off a lot, in most people’s opinions not seeing the whole field and like vs the Rams a month ago, Alex didn’t look comfortable in the pocket.

In the second half though Alex did progress as he threw for most of his 325 yards in the second half and a TD as he brought Washington screaming back to get within 3 points of the Giants. Sadly it was not to be as Alex threw 3 interceptions. The first int was not his fault as McKissic fell down while Alex threw a pass to him in the red zone. The next one was the worst decision I’ve seen Alex make in a Washington uniform and indefensible as he threw across his body back towards the middle of the field and airmailed it over McKissic’s head and the last interception which sealed the game and Washington’s loss was not as poor of a decision but Alex was fooled on the play by Logan Ryan who acted like he wasn’t watching Alex but actually was and then he undercut Terry McLaurin.

All in all, the passing game with Alex looked better than it has all year. Now whether that was just bc the Giants pass D isn’t very good or bc Alex & his receivers found a rhythm in the second half that will carry forward the second half of the year remains to be seen.

The 5 turnovers - two fumbles Gibson & Wright giving the Giants the ball in the red zone - and Alex’s 3 ints are the main reason we lost the game, but also our offense only ran the ball 9 Times - which is unacceptable - and our run D played poorly as we gave up 166 yards rushing and a TD. What’s most disconcerting is that every time Alex Morris plays us, he seems to go off. He rushed for 67 yards on just 9 carries a 7.4 yard average. As I always say, you don’t want your safeties to be your leading tacklers and when they are it means your defensive front 7 didn’t do it’s job. Our SS Kamren Curl had 11 tackles and our FS Everrett had 7 tackles of his own and generally when that happens your run D in the front 7 was poor. I mean KPL only had 2 freaking tackles as a WLB, that’s awful! Downright awful!

The Lions aren’t much better than Washington - just one more win - but they have a better offense than us by far with a good running game with Adrian Peterson, D’Andre Swift and Kerreyon Johnson. They also have something that we don’t and that is a franchise QB and an good passing game when their #1 WR Kenny Golladay plays but he’s struggling with a hip injury. Outside of him though they have multiple weapons at the other WR positions, at RB &  at TE positions including Marvin Jones, Danny Amendola, D’Andre Swift, TJ Hockenson and Jesse James.

The Lions D though is not very good - 28th is scoring defense - so this may be a shoot out if our defensive line can’t get pressure on Stafford and if our pass D doesn’t hold up against their weapons.

Beyond that, we always lose in Detroit, heck we almost lost to them when they went 0-16 in 2008 so, I don’t expect a win here.

Washington: 20

Detroit: 27

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47 minutes ago, RSkinGM said:

Sounding like Hopkins might be out- groin strain. Some P S Kicker  likely. Kaare Vedvik

That’s huge, could deliver us the loss we need!!

He was 10/16 his senior year at Marshall. No bueno 

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I suspect Stafford will have a good game and AP will get his first 100-yard game of the season. I don’t see Alex getting comfortable like he did last week but I think we’ll move the ball some. Terry does what he does and Sims has another good game. 

Lions 23

Redskins 17 

Sims and McLaurin score both TDs 

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On 11/11/2020 at 5:12 AM, turtle28 said:

It was a gruesome injury which had Jabril Peppers - who rolled into him and cause the injury

This is an inaccurate depiction of the events. Jabrill Peppers was being blocked and going to the ground when he whipped his leg out and kicked Kyle Allen's leg. It was an obvious intentional trip/leg whip that hurt a player. The fact that there was no fine/suspension is appalling and indicates the NFL only cares about head injuries. 

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