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Duce Staley joining Lions as Asst HC and RB coach


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So Staley, super respected coach, asks to get out of the Eagles, apparently Bears and Lions were interested, and he's joining the Lions.

IF that's all accurate, that's pretty big for the Lions' new organization. If you'll recall, Patricia couldn't draw flies when he put his first staff together, he had to call all his Syracuse guys and brought Paul Pasqualoni out of retirement. This is night and day.

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Duce is a good coach and a good guy. He isn't the visionary type though, he is just a good leader. I do worry that with Lynn and Duce the Lions offense might be super bland and stuck in a more running focused approach... we will have to just wait and see.

He will fit Campbell's style of coaching though and maybe if they can get enough done he will get better looks as a HC. I think he will be a good one, just wasn't the right fit in Philly.

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Will be interested in the narrative if Duce gets a HC job after this. People, supposedly, don’t like Campbell getting a HC job because he was not a coordinator (he was AHC/position coach), but knew the team, city, and could bring a good staff around him (as we are seeing). Will be interesting if Duce gets the same doubt of qualification from being a AHC/position coach. 

Otherwise, this is a GREAT hire for the Lions. I am amazed by the staff they are putting together. 

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