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Eagles claim RB Kerryon Johmson

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Injuries have apparently robbed him of his athleticism, but he can pass block and not much harm in kicking the tires.

I'm sure he's gonna be competing with Howard for a job, but I think he should be able to come in and take it. Even if he's lost juice its still likely more than an older Howard would have. Not expecting to see what we saw rookie year from him, but if he can even be a solid RB3 that's fine by me for a pick-up off waivers. The opportunity for a role is there if he wants it.

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2 hours ago, Danger said:

There wasn't anyone better? Yeah I'm being a bit facetious, but man, even Jason Huntley would've been more exciting to me. Kerryon Johnson is a completely injured broken nothingburger.

Yes but can he play an entire game Sunday? If so, thats all they probably care about since he knows the offense and "might" give them a handful of carries as the only big RB they'd have available. 

He's not here for the long term but a weekly rental.

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