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Ravens 2021 OTAs & TC


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2 hours ago, DreamKid said:


Not to be weird, but Lamar comes in every year with more and more bulk. It's ridiculous comparing to the skinny child that saved the team in 2018. One of the best human athletes on the planet is on our team at 24 and 95+% of the population thinks he's peaked. People still want to compare his career arc to Colin (I'm going to go vegan in a critical offseason for my career as a starting QB and lose 50 points) Kaepernick.

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1 hour ago, Ray Reed said:

I have an oddly good feeling about Brandon Stephens.

I think he’s going to have a slow start but develop into quite a good role player. Like if Levine was a high level athlete.


it’s pretty telling the team have him #21, IMO. 

also, Lamar looks swole AF and Hollywood is rocking #5 nicely. This is going to be a fun season. 

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4 minutes ago, DreamKid said:

Levine is a great athlete. 4.05 SS, 3.75 3C, and 4.48 40 yard dash.

Fair enough, I didn’t realize that - I guess I always think of old man Levine not the young version.


either way - I have a really good feeling this is going to be a memorable draft, it really feels like EDC brought in some gems. 

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19 hours ago, bmorecareful said:

So Bateman got pulled for possible soft tissue issues... #Bars.. Do u guys think this possible scare could weigh in on the teams Julio Jones trade interest.. I kno Harbs says it isn’t a big deal but that’s what he’s supposed to say... 

I'm going to say no. I have a hard time believing the Ravens are that interested in Julio because of our cap and what ATL is looking to get back in compensation.

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