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Early Football Impressions


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I thought I would start a hopefully fun discussion while we await the start of the season. What are some of your earliest football related memories and impressions?

For me:

1. I remember a time when there were no "special team" specialists.  Players on "special teams," including kickers, snappers and punters, played other positions on defense or offense.

2. As a Viking fan, I remember Joe Kapp's toughness and his willingness to sacrifice his body for winning.  I also remember that his style of play meant a great deal to the other Vikings.

3. I remember a time when all games in the NFL were played on Sunday.  No night games, including the Super Bowl.  No Monday, Sunday or Thursday night football.


How about you?

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Long time, no post. Thanks for starting this one, @Virginia Viking

My earliest football memory is being enamored with Cris Carter’s toe-drag sideline catches. My friends would come over to watch games, and at the half we’d go outside and try to make falling down catches by the imaginary sideline.

I also very distinctly remember listening to Herman Moore torch them on the radio because the game was blacked out.

fun thread, good idea.

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Along Semper's line, I remember when the QB used to be able to get hit.  

But, I also remember when "In the Grasp" was a thing and was probably the worst NFL rule ever.  

I remember when there was no instant replay and no free agency

I remember Les Steckel's Boot Camp and the trip to Pecos River. 

On the positive side:

 I remember when Joey Browner had the strongest handshake in Vikings history and not Adrian Peterson.

I remember Anthony Carter going off vs the best 49ers team in their storied history

I remember a time when it was cool to give nicknames like the New York Sack Exchange, Ground Chuck and the Three Amigos.  

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2004 was when I first started watching football.

I distinctly remember the 2 back system teams were using back then (Priest Holmes&Larry Johnson, Deuce McAllister&Reggie Bush, Jonathan Stewart&DeAngelo Williams etc). Today, you don't see much of that anymore.

I also remember the connection Randy Moss and Daunte Culpepper had. While I missed most of the Moss Magic, I still found his style so jaw dropping.

And I also remember not fully understanding what a dynasty was lol


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I miss the early late 90s to 2000s version of football, the new Dback rules weren’t in place but you still saw some prolific offenses and QBs come out of that era. Now days, any QB who stays healthy and starts a full season seems to be destined to throw for 4,000 yards and have a steady TD:Int ratio, when those things seemed so much more difficult 20 years ago.

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