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Week 1 GDT: Cleveland vs. The politically incorrect team from Kansas City


Who will win?  

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  1. 1. Who will win?

    • The Browns
    • The Chiefs. Did you forget that it's Week 1? They're 1-20-1 in Week 1 since the return.
    • Hornby
    • Kiwi
    • Who cares? Our head coach is an absolute salt and pepper FOX.

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Beloved Members of our Forum,


We've been waiting a LONG TIME for Week 1 payback:


Yes, a day that will live in infamy, a day when our beloved and future playoff bound Cleveland Browns, on Week 1, September 9, 2002, led by the GREATEST QUARTERBACK OF ALL TIME (Kelly Holcomb) were robbed by Dwayne Rudd, who was later implicated of and convicted of point shaving (Source unverified) vs. the Kansas City Chiefs.

Turn the clock ahead 19 years and 3 days, and we find ourselves against the same exact foe, but thankfully, we have history on our side:


(Note, 2020 is omitted)

Okay, well we don't have history on our side, but 1-20-1 means that they're DUE.

Now, onto the key matchups:

The Browns come in with lofty expectations, led by this guy:


No, that's not a model folks, that's Kevin Stefanski, and in case you're wondering, this is what a typical Sunday at my house looks like:


and he's going up against this future HOF Coach:


*Note: Please disregard the team name on said hat, as it could be deemed offensive to a large group of people*

This guy:



...a guy who puts Ketchup on his steak


As if the State Farm logo wasn't evil enough, I dare you to look into those eyes and tell me those aren't:


Key Matchup #3:

We also have our receiving corps vs. a really fast guy who is a human underwear stain.

Now, onto the narrative:

Baker, the modern day gunslinger hero we all need, is going to start his 2021 revenge tour:


Here's how I see his outlook on the defense he faces:


Here's his outlook on the season as a whole:


As for the rest of the NFL and haters this year:


Let's see if this is true...can anyone confirm?


When: Sunday, September 12, 2021

Time: 4:15 or 4:25 on national television, I assume CBS or something

Place: *Expletive* Stadium, Kansas City

The result and fallout:


(Nick Chubb, Jarvis Landry, Myles Garrett, and Baker Mayfield pictured left to right)



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I live by the philosophy that if a steak needs anything extra, you didn’t prepare it well enough to begin with. So, if we lose to a guy that adds ketchup I will be personally offended.

Let’s kick this thing off right. Granted, we have a tough opponent for a week one. But if we come out with that evasive win against them, you have to think we are in for a big, big season.

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13 minutes ago, NateDawg said:

I live by the philosophy that if a steak needs anything extra, you didn’t prepare it well enough to begin with. So, if we lose to a guy that adds ketchup I will be personally offended.

Absolutely, with a few exceptions:

1. Sauteed Mushrooms

2. Sauteed/crispy onion straws

3. Bleu Cheese Butter on the pepper crust

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I’m talking sauce. As in, fixing a problem that is lack of flavor. I’m all for some window dressing with the steak, etc.  If I were to smoke a steak for a guest and he or she asks if I have any A1 after tasting, it would be gravely offensive. 

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