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Jaguars extend OT Cam Robinson


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5 minutes ago, EaglesPeteC said:

Baalke won. Walker is #1 

Since day 1 it seems like Baalke and Pederson have planned to get him extended long term, so wouldn’t say that.

Think Doug just wants to play bully ball, so taking a LG/RT at 1 was always possible.

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1 hour ago, EaglesPeteC said:

Baalke won. Walker is #1 

It just hit me (because Im not paying close attention this year) that the Jags have had back to back #1 overall picks in the draft.....wow lol 

If this was the NBA social media would be on fire right now and calling *RIGGED*

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1 hour ago, pwny said:

I do hope we put more resources into the OL at some point in the draft. Just hoping we are able to go EDGE, WR, and then OL

Honest question. Obviously trading back would be ideal. Problem is there's no concensus #1 so that's doubtful. 

Isn't protecting Lawrence top priority? Knowing Doug  I think your list might be reversed. Think locking down his bookend OT (Peters/Lane) (Cam/??) is "his" ideal plan to install his offense and groom Trevor into the FQB he can be. Only Balke can/will F that up.

Can Cam play RT if they took Neal? Vice versa? Eagles gave Lane LT money (to replace Peters) but stayed at RT because he was that dominant.  Obviously Icky can but at #1, that seems a bit rich. There are plenty of Edge rushers that will be there at #33. The drop off however from Neal/Icky into the 2nd/3rd rds OT is  even greater IMO.  Protect Trevor at all cost! 

Hell go Neal , Mafe, Moore



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