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2022 Schedule Release

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I'd be mad as hell if the NFL scheduled Carson coming to Philly as the last week of the season in an early time slot.

That game should be much earlier and also primetime. The crowd is gonna be going nuts. At the very least make it America's game on FOX in the late time slot.

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1 minute ago, Nabbs4u said:

I'll go out on a limb and say the NFL over corrects last years schedule where the Eagles didn't have to board a plan for over 2 months.

9th fewest miles right behind Washington

The Steelers being only 6.4k miles and traveling a whole....... 0 time zones is nuts lol.

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12 hours ago, TheRealMcCoy said:


I never thought about how much it must suck for the Seahawks travel wise lol

I never realized or paid any attention to just how few NFL teams are West of Dallas? 5 of those 7 teams within 3-4hrs of each other.

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4 minutes ago, EaglesPeteC said:

Once again, a source that has been questionable but this would be an interesting and potentially favorable start to the year 


If by favorable you mean No De-Hop, sure. Otherwise not sure facing that offense week 1, is all that ideal? No?

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