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Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

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5 minutes ago, LETSGOBROWNIES said:



2 minutes ago, ReggieCamp said:

As of today, it's %14.

And that's assuming they would take Zion if they got #1 overall.

They would have to take him wouldn't they? 

Get zion. Trade for lebron. Win big.

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4 minutes ago, LETSGOBROWNIES said:

Yeah you have to take him imo.

And I wouldn’t trade him for LBJ, he’s halfway through the back nine and Zion is just teeing off.  

I mean have both. 

Lebron only has a few years left and he is stuck on the Lakers.

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10 minutes ago, candyman93 said:



I think we can conclude that we won the Wiggins for Love trade. Wiggins still can’t play defense, shoot or dribble.

This was in doubt? It became obvious we won it like 3 years ago even despite loves warts. 

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14 hours ago, candyman93 said:

Jarret Culver is a 2 way guard. Absolutely a safe pick at worst.

thats what I'm saying man 

he's a straight up stud

people just don't know because hes at TT

put him on a top tier program he might be a better prospect than Jayson Tatum honestly. 

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We played a close game against Spurs and Boston (to a degree). This team honestly can compete for 5-6 seed next year if Cedi makes some strides on defense and consistency + we lose the dead weight/low IQ players + RJ/Zion

Some rough thoughts on our players:

  • Sexton I think cemented his place as the PG. Hard worker and will only get better on the mental side of the game.
  • Nwaba is a great bench player, great defender and decent scorer. Needs to be resigned and needs to work on his outside shot and given a shot to start at SG
  • Cedi is a work in progress. Needs to be surrounded by smart b-ball players who get him involved more.
  • Love is streaky but great player. He is shooting 3s really well.
  • Nance is another guy who is great glue guy. Other teams leave him wide open but he passes up a lot of threes. Needs to work on that
  • TT sucks. I've noticed he would rather to position for a rebound instead of playing defense and contesting a shot. Needs to go
  • Clarkson is a great spark off the bench but might be better suited on a playoff team and has some trade value. Stay or go
  • Knight is as low IQ player who is lazy. He can make shots and is good for 10-12 pts a game. We dont have a coaching staff who can get more out of him. Should be traded
  • JR has a great contract will be gone
  • Stauskas is worth keeping around. Shows good effort, doesnt take bad shots.
  • Delly is great vet. Should keep
  • Chriss is trash. Wont be back
  • Henson we have no idea about

If we can move JR, TT, Clarkson, Henson, and Knight this off-season, I Altman will be the best GM in my eyes.

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