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NBA Preseason '22


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2 hours ago, seminoles1 said:

Wow, got them both done.

And color me surprised Wiggins accepted that much less money than Poole and Herro.

It wouldn't surprise me if he left money on the table to remain in Golden State.  Last year was probably the first year he wasn't viewed as a bust and/or someone that a star couldn't win with.  LeBron jettisoned him to Minnesota so that he could play with Kevin Love and he was viewed as a bust in Minnesota.

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Had my $$$ fantasy draft today. 12 team points league. Went high risk, high reward. Could win the league or have half my team playing sub 60 games lol.

Ja Morant
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
Tyrese Maxey
Klay Thompson
Zion Williamson
Aaron Gordon
Pascal Siakam
Jarrett Allen
D'Angelo Russell
Will Barton
John Wall
Jonathan Kuminga
Jaren Jackson Jr*

With a claim in on Santi Aldama to fill JJJ's minutes. 

Took Ja with the 6th pick.

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