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Titans vs Jaguars: Win or Lose You're Coming Home A Winner


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5 minutes ago, 615finest said:

I think Vrabel needs to give up his power on the type of offense we run. Whoever the OC is needs to be able to control the offense and not mold it to vrabel 

Was just about to say this!!! We need a good mind for offense to come up with real game plans and move us into the future! I love our defense and love the way they play. And I think Vrabel is a great coach and a gooood mind for all things defense. We need a ying to his yang 

2 hours ago, KingTitan said:

WR. Slash is back!

I was kidding mostly lol. Cause we tried to run plays with him at WR and they failed each time tho I do think we could run a few RPOs a game with him if our next QB can't run like that still as bad as Malik was this year I think he should get a chance to compete for the back up vs Dobbs... Honestly tho Im kinda out on Dobbs as well. I know who he is Ive watched so many games of his.. Its the same stuff all the time. You great great half the time and down right awful the rest and Missing Burks on that 4th down is a awful play not even throwing past the sticks like why? Dream is finding a QB in the draft and signing a cheaper vet and just clean the QB room out

Also you talking about a poster named slash? Im missing the joke here

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What stood out to me as a defining indictment of our offensive philosophy was we play so conservative with the 6/3 point lead...every snap from under center, meaning it could only be a handoff or a play action. As soon as they took the lead we go shotgun so there is the possibility of the read option(which was successful). Like how they don't see how being so predictable is counter productive and is making everything more difficult.

I can hear Vrab's  saying...if we block those plays better they would be successful plays...never mind you have 7 guys blocking 10 because they all know what is coming. 

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