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2023 WC Semifinals: (1) Denver Nuggets vs (4) Phoenix Suns


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7 hours ago, 11sanchez11 said:

suns have the highest offensive rating in the playoffs, nuggets are 2nd. gonna be a couple of 130-128 type games

Definitely, and for some reason some folks are saying the Nuggets are deeper and that is going to play a big role in this series...Um, they have legit two playable guys off the bench. Their top guns are going to have to 40-43+ minutes a game themselves. 

Should be a really good one. Suns in 6 or Nuggets in 6. Haven't decided yet, leaning towards the Suns though. 

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Really don’t feel good about this series. Not sure there’s any realistic path for Nuggets to slow down Suns, so will just come down to whether they can consistently get 115+ points. Jokic and Murray playing at a high level is obviously a prerequisite for Nuggets to be competitive this series (Murray doesn’t need to be quite as good as he was last series since I have to assume Jokic will be better w/ no Gobert, but if he can match it outplay Booker offensively that’d be huge). To actually win it, I think MPJ will need some big outings and bench will need to show up like they did vs Wolves (bar is low).

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