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2023 Draft Early Winners & Losers


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  • I am so stoked about Mayer. I think that was excellent value and at a major need.
  • I am content with Byron Young. DT was a huge need too and he's a good run defender/seemingly has some tools to work with as a pass-rusher.
  • WR Tre Tucker I am very stumped. We need OL/LB/CB help in the worst way and we draft a gadget WR when WR is the only position we are good at?
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I really liked what the Saints did on day 2. I think we got 2 players in Isaiah Foskey and Kendre Miller who can contribute right away as rookies. Kendre was someone that I was liking quite a bit leading up to the draft as I felt he was flying a bit under the radar since he had that injury late in the season and wasn’t able to do any testing.

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Im cool with the Falcons draft we didn't reach for anyone and came away with good value at each pick.  Plus got what most people consider positions of need and scheme fits.  I considered that a win in my book even if their not sexy picks.

Now as far as other teams i thought won or loss 


arizona  - Ojulari, Wilson, and williams  - Loved all 3 of those players

Broncos - Mims, Sanders, and Moss  - also a great trip of players i would have been thrilled with on Falcons.

Lions - La Porta, Hooker, and Branch - 3 guys i had 1st round grades on 2 of them top 20 grades and Laporta late 1st.

Giants - Fantastic value on Schmitz and Hyatt i thought both had a chance to go round 1.

Steelers - Maybe the biggest winners of day 2 for me and probably my #1 rated draft class so far overall i love every pick they have made.

Seahawks - 4 really good players for the entire draft and guys i think will succeed at the next level.


Packers - Thought they missed on better TE's and reached for reed

Vikings - Not enough picks and didn't care for the 1 guy they took in Blackmon

Eagles - Where as i loved their 1st round picks  I wasn't big on Steen or Brown. I know more ppl liked Brown than me.

49ers - My most hated draft class by far and i didn't like 1 of their picks at all the entire draft so far.

Thats probably my 6 favorites and 4 most disliked so far and everyone else including the Falcons lies somewhere inbetween those 10 teams lol.

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40 minutes ago, Ragnarok said:

As a Packers fan, we sucked today.  A TE who cant play the position and cant stay healthy, a low RAS 7th round WR, and then another TE who needed play action to be able to get open.

God awful.


15 minutes ago, Packerraymond said:

Non homer pick, Steelers killed it today. I had Benton and Washington in my top 35.


5 minutes ago, beekay414 said:

A Packers fan that doesn't visit the Packers forum ever and **** on the picks? lol mmkay.

The duality of Packers fans.

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