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BDL 2023 Week 1 - Seoul Dragons @ Singapore Sentinels


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BDL 2023 Week 1

Match:  Seoul Dragons @ Singapore Sentinels

 Away Owner:  @RedGold

Home Owner:   @SirA1

 Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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Seoul Dragons


QB:  Derek Carr
RB:  Dameon Pierce
WR:  George Pickens
WR:  Brandin Cooks
Slot:  Allen Lazard
TE:  Pat Freiermuth
LT:  Ronnie Stanley
LG:  Joe Thuney
😄  Mason Cole
RG:  Alijah Vera-Tucker
RT:  Anton Harrison

Bench:  RB Javonte Williams
Bench:  RB Kenneth Walker
Bench:  WR Zay Jones
Bench:  WR Mecole Hardman
Bench:  WR RashodBateman
Bench:  TE Trey McBride
Bench:  T Donovan Smith
Bench:  IOL James Daniels



SOLB:  David Ojabo
NT:  Khalen Saunders
LDT:  DJ Reader
RDT: Dexter Lawrence
WLB:  De’Vondre Campbell
MLB:  CJ Mosley
CB:  Trent McDuffie
CB:  Donte Jackson
NB:  Kenny Moore
FS:  Daxton Hill
SS:  Richie Grant

Bench:  Edge Marcus Davenport (Q)
Bench:  Edge Joe Tryon
Bench: DL Payton Turner
Bench:  DT Foley Fatukasi
Bench: LB Damone Clark
Bench: CB Adoree Jackson
Bench: NB Kyler Gordon
Bench: Saf Kerby Joseph




Singapore Sentinels
QB: Kirk Cousins
RB1: Josh Jacobs
WR1: Davante Adams
WR2: DeVonta Smith
WR3: Parris Campbell
TE1: Sam LaPorta
LT: Orlando Brown Jr.
LG: Alaric Jackson
OC: Evan Brown
RG: Will Hernandez
RT: Kaleb McGary  
RB2: A.J. Dillon
RB3: James Cook
TE2: Darren Waller (Q)
TE3: Irv Smith Jr.
WR4: Jakobi Meyers 
WR5: Michael Gallup
Jumbo: Tyler Smith (D)
OL7: Jedrick Wills Jr


RE: Uchenna Nwosu 
NT: D.J. Jones
DT: Grady Jarrett
LE: Arik Armstead
SAM: Azeez Ojulari

MLB: Kaden Ellis
WLB: Dre Greenlaw

CB: Charvarius “Mooney” Ward (Q)
CB: Levi Wallace
S: Terrell Edmunds
S: Adrian Phillips 
NB3/S: Brian Branch
CB4: Damarri Mathis
Edge3: Leonard Floyd
Edge4: Arden Key
DT2 Zach Allen
NT2: Keeanu Benton 
LB3: Ja’Whaun Bentley

S4: Ryan Neal

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 3WR/1TE(75%),  2TE/2WR(20%)   2RB/2TE/1WR(5%),
West Coast passing game, set up with a zone stretch running. 
Pass(55%), Run(45%)

Singapore comes into this matchup with a forceful Interior OL,  but we are confident we have the OL to compete with them.   We will come into this matchup with a focus on letting our OL use their athletic ability to get these guys moving East/West.  In the run game we want to focus on testing Singapore through the B, C, and D gaps.  Lazard will line up in the slot often this week,   if Singapore decides to come out in more 3-4 looks  we will use his size to help seal the edge in the run game. 

Passing game:

Singapore comes into this matchup with a strong interior pass rush, and we look to get the ball out quickly to our playmakers.    We will look to target our TE’s over the middle, along with hitting our RB’s out of the backfield.   Pickens and Cooks on the outside will mainly focus on Deep crossers, Posts, and Fly Routes to keep the Safety’s honest.   We like our playmakers in open space, so we will keep the reads pretty simple for Carr this week and let him get the ball out quickly to let our skill guys make plays after the catch.     

Running game: 

As always with a Seoul matchup, we have the RB’s and we are going to use them.   We want to use our RB’s, but also keep them fresh.   Expect each RB to be on the field for 20+ plays, with each getting 10+.    We want to utilize them on stretch plays and work to get them 1 on 1 with the Singapore LB crew.   We won’t worry too much about misdirection in this game, we want to get our RB’s out on the edge quickly and make the Singapore LB’s and DB’s tackle them in space. 

Goal #1 – Keep the Singapore LB’s focused on the outside rushing attack
Goal #2 -  Hit our talented TE’s over the middle and let them create YAC. 
Goal #3 -  Keep the Singapore Saf’s honest with some deep shots over the middle to Pickens and Cooks.





Base:  4-2 Nickel Tite Front
Subpackage:  4-2 Dime

In base we will keep it pretty simple with plenty of zone coverages,   a heavy mixture of Cover 1 and Cover 3.   Our safeties will provide 2 high looks at all times with the CB’s aligned tight to prove pressure on the release.    Daxton Hill will provide single high looks, with Grant following to Waller’s side. We will stick with over 90% zone coverages and make Singapore’s QB’s work the ball down the field.    In base we will align with:
LDT: Dexter Lawrence
NT: Khalen Saunders
RDT: DJ Reader
Edge:  David Ojabo
MLB:  De’Vondre Campbell
WLB:  CJ Mosley
CB: Trent McDuffie
CB: Donte Jackson
NB: Kenny Moore
SS: Richie Grant
FS:  Daxton Hill


In sub-packages, we will show Single High, with Kerby Joseph playing a Joker role shaded toward the WR strong side.    Richie Grant will play shaded over the TE.    We will be pretty zone focused in this formation as well, mostly rotating between Cover 1 and Cover 3 looks.  On anything 3rd and under 5, we will flip to a Cover 2 Man shell.   We won’t have our CB’s follow this week, in sub-packages we will align with;
Edge: Marcus Davenport
DL:  Payton Turner
DT: Dexter Lawrence / DJ Reader
Edge: Joe Tryon
LCB – Donte Jackson
RCB – Trent McDuffie
Nickel – Kenny Moore
Joker: Kerby Joseph
SS: Richie Grant
FS: Daxton Hill
MLB:  De’Vondre Campbell

Pass Rush:

In base, we will look to apply heavy pressure from the Interior.   Dexter Lawrence and DJ Reader will align from a 4I positions, with Khalen Saunders on the interior.   From this alignment we think we can create some nice 1 on 1 matchups for the big fella’s.  While we won’t get to fancy with our pass rush moves, we think we have a strength on the interior to really push these 1 on 1 matchups back and move Singapore’s QB off his spot.  

In sub-packages, we will align in a basic 4 man front along the DL, we want Marcus Davenport and Payton Turner playing the right side, with Joe Tryon on the left.  We will look to make McGary switch up his pass sets with some stunts on the right side, and use Tryon’s speed on the left side to test Orlando Brown.   We still mainly to a 4 man rush the majority of the game, and we think we can create some pressure just based off using stunts and the matchups on hand.

Run Defense:

In base, we our keeping it pretty simple.  The NT is handling the A gaps, and both DT’s playing from a 4I are crashing hard. Doing this we think we can plug up the interior very well.    On the outside Ojabo is playing straight up with the OT and playing contain, with De’Vondre Campbell having outside contain on the other side.   CJ Mosley will be playing off the NT and cleaning up anything that gets through the interior.

Goal#1:   Keep everything in front
Goal#2:  Pressure heavy from the interior on early downs
Goal#3:  Test McGary and Brown on 3rd down with speed and stunts.







Singapore Sentinels

Motivation: We have a lot of shiny new toys this year and hope that this helps get us back to the playoffs. First game being a division game is always important. Seoul will be bringing their best in either a known player to us in Derek Carr or an overhyped Rookie. We like our chances in this opener against a young team led by an old dog.

Defensive Strategy

Formation:  4-3 “Under” / 2-4-5 Big Nickel

The Under is predominantly a one-gap system that plugs up the run and creates advantageous pass-rush situations. The 4-3 Under helps cover the weak side linebackers to keep him free to make plays.

DL - D.J. Jones is going to line up over the Center and attack the A Gap between their C-RG, forcing a double team. Grady Jarrett is our new wrecking 3-tech inside against their LG on his way to the QB, collapsing the pocket and forcing errant throws. Arik Armstead will compound the overload of the Left side against Stanley. This will isolate RT Howard against Uchenna Nwosu (10 Sacks last year) and allow him to put pressure on Carr.Benton will come in on 3rd downs to give some extra push up the middle at NT.

Having this group be deep on all sides, with all being able to do their job well, is a blessing for this defense. Injuries won’t slow this group down, and with how many options we have, we can constantly keep a guy with fresh legs on the field. Being able to substitute players and see minimal difference in the unit itself is something other teams wish they had.

LB - We secured our starting LBs this offseason in Greenlaw and Ellis. Greenlaw has the speed and agility to make things more difficult for Seoul’s passing game while also being able to chase down QB Richardson if he is put in the game for RPO’s (Spy!). Ellis will be focusing on Javonte Williams this week filling the gaps to shut down running lanes. Azeez Ojulari will be on the LOS free to Blitz or drop into coverage to help against the pass in the intermediate areas.

Secondary - Cover 1 Man Hybrid

"Mooney" Ward is a known entity and was lights out for us last year, taking over as our #1 CB. Solid in man coverage and allowing few big plays, he will look to take out the top Dragon WR target in Pickens. Levi Wallace will be his partner in crime this season after becoming a solid starter last year. Wallace will take on the shifty but aging Brandin Cooks this week. Brian Branch has had a great training camp and is now slotted into the starting nickelback role. He played so well that the coaching staff had no choice but to put him on the field. His ability to play against both slot receivers and also TE’s with his Safety experience will be huge against Freiermuth.

Veteran Adrian Phillips will be responsible for the deep middle as the single High Safety. Underneath, Terrell Edmunds will be taking on the task of covering Freiermith.  He is solid in coverage against tight ends and his tackling is good, making him a reliable run defender. He can be disruptive near the line of scrimmage, too, using his aggressive mindset to make plays.

Coverage Assignments:

  • ·         George Pickens / “Mooney” Ward - CB

  • ·         Brandin Cooks / Levi Wallace - CB

  •           Allen Lazard  / Brian Branch - CB/S

  • ·         Pat Freiermuth / Terrell Edmunds - S 

  •           Javonte Williams  / Kaden Ellis - LB  

Offensive Strategy

Scheme:  Pass (60%) vs Run (40%)

Formations:  3 WR Bunch formation (50%)/ 2 TE (25%)/ 2 RB (25%)

Our primary formation will contain a single back and three receivers. Their corners are no match for our receivers one on one so we will use play action to set up some deep passes that our boys should be able to win on contested catches. If they decide to double cover Adams or Smith it will open the middle for Josh Jacobs to feast.

Rushing - We will use power runs to attack the Dragon DL and set up the pass for Cousins with some play action. We solidified our backfield for the long term this season by reclaiming Josh Jacobs and adding powerhouse A.J. Dillon to be his running mate. James Cook will play the 3rd down back role this week. We’ll have 2RB in the backfield a fair bit to wear down their DL. If Tyler Smith plays we will bring him and/or Wills in as a Jumbo to help double team the Edge on short yardage. 

Passing - Our entire goal last season was to acquire two Top 10 WRs in DaVonta Smith and Davante Adams. We are looking to isolate them against the Seoul CBs and let them do their thing. Adams will be running a search route allowing him to adjust to the coverage. DeVonta Smith and Parris Campbell will come in for the bunch look and look to get separation over the middle.

The Core of our passing game needed someone to hold the reins this year while our young QBs got some seasoning. Kirk Cousins is that veteran presence we were looking for as he has a good deep ball and is used to working with top WRs. We’re just glad BDL doesn’t have primetime games.

It may be a week before our TE group is fully operational so we will start Sam LaPorta this week to keep things moving and hope to unleash the Waller Effect next week. Irv Smith Jr. will come in for 2 TE sets. Alaric Jackson gets the start at LG this week since he played some guard last year.

TL:DR; Use your imagination when voting. Listing off every single possible outcome is boring IMO. I set the stage and the players. It’s up to the reader to determine the outcome.


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me: *sees Kirk Cousins at QB* oh no

What a scintillating Week 1 QB matchup. I assume Seoul meant each of their backs is getting 10+ touches, because I don't know what else they would be getting 10+ of if they're each getting 20+ plays.

I really like the Derek Carr revenge game angle, but I question the decision to run even 45% of the time when Singapore has a heavy defensive front and the likes of Levi Wallace and Charvarius Ward at corner. I love the decision to test the Phillips/Edmunds safety duo, the latter of which notched 10 defensive snaps this week. I don't think the man coverage from Singapore was the play here; Seoul didn't have big yardage numbers from its skill group this week, but I like Cooks on Wallace and having Edmunds outmatched against Freiermuth is going to cause problems for Singapore on the back end.

I think Reader and Lawrence feast on a very weak interior OL for Singapore as well. I actually rather like Singapore's gameplan with Devonta and Davante working the zone coverage, but I am baffled as to why Parris Campbell is getting not only snaps but a start.

Outside edge pressure is a major issue for Seoul, as they just don't have anyone who can take over a game on the edge. However, I think they get a lot of pressure up the middle on Cousins and force him into short/quick throws, minimizing the damage the receiving group can do. Seoul over Singapore today.

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Bit of a mistake here from Singapore, listing Nwosu at RE despite saying they want them to face the RT. Also I would probably start Walker instead of Pierce, but that's just me and I know they're rotating anyway.

Seoul O vs Singapore D

I tend to agree with Blue here. I think attacking Singapore secondary was the play here. Don't love Pickens personally, but Cooks vs Wallace and Lazard vs Branch are good matchups. I especially like Freiermuth over Edmunds, but I do like Singapore LBs quite a bit. The right side of the line is certainly worrisome for Seoul and I think Nwosu will make some plays. But the rest of the OL is fine. And I think Seoul interior OL will actually open decent running lanes for those RBs. 


Singapore O vs Seoul D

Reader/Lawrence vs Singapore interior OL is an obvious mismatch, but I'm not sure what Saunders brings to the table here. I fear that with so many interior DL, it will make Singapore OL job actually easier. The lack of outside presence opposite to Ojabo will also offer Singapore outside run opportunities in a game where, frankly, they should have no business running the ball at all. I do think Singapore has a great matchup in whoever of Adams/Smith faces Jackson. As for the rest, I think Singapore grossly underestimates McDuffie / overestimates Parris Campbell.


Singapore 13 - Seoul 16

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3-3Tite, 4-2 Tite.  Not really sure which people prefer to call it.   Lawrence and Reader are in 4i, inside the Tackle. With Saunders over the center.   Call it a 4-2 cuz Ojabo is always on the line, with Campbell on backside contain with the NB.    Just thought I’d clear that up, pictures never load for me. 

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1 hour ago, TedLavie said:

I tend to agree with Blue here. I think attacking Singapore secondary was the play here. Don't love Pickens personally, but Cooks vs Wallace and Lazard vs Branch are good matchups.

I actually rather like Branch in that matchup, he played very well against KC in the opener in a slot safety role.

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1 hour ago, TedLavie said:

Bit of a mistake here from Singapore, listing Nwosu at RE despite saying they want them to face the RT. 

Noted. He's listed as a RDE for the Hawks but swaps sides and mostly went against a RT this week IRL. Updated for the future.

There are several players that will be getting more playing time next week. The first week is always fun to see how guys will be used IRL. Arden Key sadly won't be facing Carr IRL every week. 

Edited by SirA1
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Going Singapore. While I like the interior of the Seoul Dline to control things in this one and push the pocket I just think the Singapore weapons are the difference here on the outside. Singapore should have played Meyers in hindsight… obviously we can use our imaginations but there is no mention of any formation more than 3 wide or Meyers unless I missed it. 

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This game screams defensive struggle to me. I like the Seoul defense and their front 4 has a good chance of handling the run offense for Singapore. The 2 high looks help a lot against the Singapore offense and this was a good week to go against such a potent WR group

On the opposite side, I like how Singapore matches up. Playing 3 WR and wanting to run the ball against a defense primarily playing a 7 man front is a tough matchup. The WRs for Seoul were also underwhelming so it’s hard seeing plentiful success.

In a low scoring but back and forth game where both teams hold leads, I’m going to go with Derek Carr leading a young Seoul team to a win.

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This was a close matchup for me. I think both teams will have good offensive production and make plays that way. I think both teams will also be able to create some pressure on the interior and cause disruption, and I like that they both highlighted that in their gameplans. But I think Singapore has guys that will clean up and collect some sacks off of that interior pressure as they flush guys out of the pocket. I think this gives Singapore a slight edge in a good game.

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