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*taps mic*

Is this on?  It's been a while since I've had to do one of these.  First off, I want to thank @KingTitan for his years' of service not only to the Titans' subforum, but to FF as a whole.  He's been a model moderator and an even better poster.  But like everything else, all good things must end.  So let's give him an around of applause.




Tough crowd.  But seriously, KingTitan has been an excellent example of what we strive to have here at FF.  From insightful posts to a welcoming face for newer posters.  And with that, it's time to bring in his replacement.  This up 'n comer needs no introduction.  He's the only one of you lot that apparently likes talking Titans' football.  I mean, whatever it takes to drown out @ET80's gibberish in the Texans' forum.  People throw out that Simpson's meme about yelling at clouds, and that perfectly describes him.  But this thread isn't about ET.  I promise you that.  This thread is about adding some new blood, and as the Titans' on-the-field product goes through a rebuild so must the Titans' forum.  That being said...

We introduce to the Titans' forum the first time as moderator @TitanLegend.  He'll be co-modding this forum alongside @titans0021.  We appreciate everything you guys do to continue to make the Titans' subforum one of the best on FF.

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Congratulations to the new Mods. King Titan happy trails man. You have been around since the old FF forum. I hope you are not leaving the platform. I rarely post now I am more of a background observer of the Titans sub forum. Cheers my brotha. 🥃🍺🏾

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KILLCHALLA HUB - Character Profile: N’Jadaka

My time as mod has ended.  I have two boys. One playing high school ball. Just didn't want to neglect the forum if I was absent for long. 

Unfortunately, I'm still going to be here, posting and commenting.  But it was time to give the seat to the next in line and thankful someone just as passionate about this forum and team was selected. @TitanLegend will join @titans0021 in making this the best subforum on the site. 

Ya'll were incredibly easy to "moderate." The way this forum has grown and aged over the years makes is so easy. Everyone pretty much understands everyone and how they operate. Some need moments after GDT's or bad draft picks, but everyone eventually comes back to center with loving the Titans.

I love this team, even with my disappointments and growing priorities. Nothing beats seeing them win. 
It's crazy how much this forum has become a part of my life. Even when I'm not on here, I vividly "hear" or see reactions to Titans news here when it happens. 
"I know the forum gonna go crazy with that one."

But not a farewell, just more of stepping down to be back with the common folk. lol

Thanks to all the crew for the kind words. We are all just faceless screennames for the most part, but ya'll are my Titans crew and truly the only ones that truly understand football and Titans football.  When I talk to people off-line I get amazed on how little they actually know.  lol

Thanks @CWood21 @Webmaster for allowing me to carry the Mod badge.


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Welcome @TitanLegendto the club. One of the best Titania has had to offer since I’ve been here (which is at least 15 years at this point).

Glad to have shared the honor with @KingTitan and glad he sticking around. Was always a good voice of reason to my emotional irrationality. Or at least he used to be before the team slowly wore him down week after week, month after month and year after year lol.

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