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The Seattle vs Jacksonville Incident


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I have no faith in the league to do the right thing here so...IMO, this is where Paul Allen and John Schneider need to give this team, in particular the defense, a serious message. This D isnt worth the headache that some of the players bring. Its a reason Sherman was discussed in trade talks all offseason.

If i were Schneider here's what im doing...

Possible phone call to Khan to apologize for his player's actions against his team.

Suspend Richardson and Bennett for the rest of the year. Jefferson should be punished for what led to his ejection but not the fan altercation.

Richardson isnt resigned after this year and I'm trading Bennett and Sherman in the offseason.

And Carroll needs a stern talking to about how lax he is with his players. Its been his MO for a long time and it always causes problems eventually.

But i know winning is what matters to everyone but to me, this was a disgrace to my team, the fans of my team, and the game of football in general.

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I don't see how intentionally trying to injure another player isn't a bigger deal. If I was in the NFL and guys were trying to come at me like that and possibly take 10s of millions out of my pocket on top of hurting me physically like that, I'd pay a friend to pay someone else to have their house "robbed".

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12 minutes ago, tonyto36 said:

Well it's a legitimate topic.  There was a lot of back lash for "Gronk got off easy because he's white" and how Juju didn't because of his skin color.   It's all nonsense confirmation bias because everyone in America wants to be the victim and get handouts.  There is a long long long history of the NFL doing whatever they need to just to make the owners the most money and ignoring any sort of moral code unless there was public backlash (that would effect their money).

League theoretically should be more strict.  Every other league is and in the real world you can't swing at someones head or dive at peoples knees with the intent to hurt without police being involved and it going against your permanent record.  But it will never happen because that would hurt the owners margins.

Hoo boy. This is going splendidly.

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40 minutes ago, sammymvpknight said:

Dude...get real. Fans do that kind of stuff all the time. 

Not to the extent I saw in the video. Maybe there's 1 guy in a crowd typically, but there were multiple people throwing things and many more inciting the incident. Horrible, horrible representation of the fanbase.

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54 minutes ago, KhanYouDigIt said:

Seahawk fans threw food at Bowman when he was getting carted off the field because he tore up his knee....


Add Carolina fans to the list. They were throwing stuff on Chris Long after he was ejected three years ago. Rumors are, though many people are claiming it's a lie, that Rams fans on the Metro after the game were chanting acl when Eagles fans were also there.

There are disgusting people in every city and fan base.

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