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BDL Discussion Thread 2024

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The Bizzaro Dynasty League (BDL) was created in the summer of 2011 during the NFL Lockout following the 2011 NFL Draft. A lot of us were really bored and were looking for something to keep us occupied. In the beginning the league consisted of 16 teams, that were composed of 2 NFL rosters mashed together. We manage a cap, trades, waivers, free agency, a draft and pretty much anything else that pertains to running a team.

Links to new threads/sheets/documents

2024 BDL Roster sheet


2024 Depth Chart/Trade block

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Calendar of Events - 2024


January - Jan 8th. Quick Winter Owners Meeting for Draft Salary Vote.

   Jan 15th Rosters Unlock and players can be traded again. 3 Ups and 3 Downs open.

February - Enjoy the NFL Playoffs

March - March 17th last day to RFA tag players

            March 18th-March 31st RFA Tags and Offers 

April - April 8th  BDL Draft (1-2 weeks before the NFL draft.) 

              April 29th. PFA Draft.

June - June 2nd.  last chance to use this season's 3 Ups and 3 Downs.

            June 3rd. FA begins - 3 weeks per the season's schedule. .

July - End of the month, Summer Owners’ Meeting as needed.

August - After 2nd preseason game, Shark Tank - 1 year deals

September-December - Regular season. Waivers open. 

November 1st - Day of the Trade Deadline. No Trades after this date.

December - BDL Playoffs and Bizzbowl.

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1 CIN Joe Burrow QB Louisiana State $29,504,000 Exercised & Extended
5 yr, $275,000,000
4 NYG Andrew Thomas T Georgia $14,175,000 Exercised & Extended
5 yr, $117,500,000
5 MIA Tua Tagovailoa QB Alabama $23,171,000 Exercised
6 LAC Justin Herbert QB Oregon $29,504,000 Exercised & Extended
5 yr, $262,500,000
7 CAR Derrick Brown DT Auburn $11,665,000 Exercised
10 CLE Jedrick Wills T Alabama $14,175,000 Exercised
13 TB Tristan Wirfs T Iowa $18,244,000 Exercised
15 DEN Jerry Jeudy WR Alabama $12,987,000 Exercised
16 ATL A.J. Terrell CB Clemson $12,344,000 Exercised
17 DAL CeeDee Lamb WR Oklahoma $17,991,000 Exercised
22 MIN Justin Jefferson WR Louisiana State   Exercised
25 SF Brandon Aiyuk WR Arizona State $14,124,000 Exercised


Should be the full list of 5th year options this year. Not sure how exercised and extended would be handled, so included those as well. As always, check to confirm, but figured this would help others who may have a candidate. Terrell will be 5th year'd.


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Long live the Hood Rats!

After a week of celebrating the BDL championship and New Year's Eve in the streets of Camden, it is now time to say goodbye to the Camden Hood Rats.

The most successful BDL franchise ever with three BDL championships played its last game in Camden, and we couldn't have dreamt a better ending than winning the Bizz Bowl in overtime against our friends in New Orleans. But this is, and should forever remain, the franchise of the great JLash and it is right now to relocate and leave Camden with the forever first Joe Lash Trophy.

Thus, long live the Hood Rats and welcome to the ... Quebec Nordiques



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