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Chicago Cubs Thread - The Ricketts are too poor to pay players


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27 minutes ago, iPwn said:

Magic number is 2. Would take probably the biggest collapse of all time to not make at this point.

Yep.  We would have to go 1-6, while either Milwaukee or St. Louis would have to win out.  It would really be nice to clinch the division on the Cards' home field though, so I hope they just win the next 2.  

As has been the case for awhile now, it appears likely that we will be facing the Nationals in the NLDS.  The teams are really evenly matched, IMO. 

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7 hours ago, iPwn said:

Now’s time to get guys some rest and get the rotation set.

Not really sure there’s a wrong answer for who to start Game 1. Q is the only one that doesn’t make sense.

Arrieta supposedly isn't an option until Game 3 now, as his hammy was acting up the other night.  Lester is pitching badly, but he's got the postseason experience and pedigree.  Hendricks has been really, really good of late. Q actually has been really good lately as well.  He probably only gives up 1 run today if the regular starters are playing behind him.  

I personally would go:

Game 1 - Hendricks

Game 2- Lester

Game 3 - Arrieta

Game 4 (If necessary) - Q

Have we heard any updates on Almora's availability for the NLDS?  

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I wonder if Joe will go the 2016 route and take 3 catchers again on the playoff roster. Rivera has been quite good, but I tend to think he won’t. My guess is:

C - Contreras

1B - Rizz

2B - Javy 

SS - Addy

3B - KB

LF - Meatball

CF - Jay

RF - Heyward

BN- Happ

BN - Almora

BN- Avila

BN - La Stella

BN - Martin

SP - Arrieta

SP - Lester

SP - Hendricks

SP - Q

Garbage time only - Grimm

LR - Lackey

LR/Lefty - Montgomery 

LRP - Duensing

SU - Strop

SU - Rondon

SU - Edwards

CL - Davis


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