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Chicago Cubs Thread - The Ricketts are too poor to pay players


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14 hours ago, iPwn said:


As they should.  I actually really like the idea of Verlander in the NL, but he's a zero asset at the $80 million or whatever he's still owed.  Money starting in 2019 isn't really an issue, as the funny money will be coming in.  If the Tigers pick up his 2017 salary, and could make 2018 closer to $20 million, there may be a chance this one happens.  I would imagine Lackey gets DFA'd (rejoice!), since he said it's either the rotation or his ranch for him.  

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Just now, CBears019 said:

So do the Cubs actually make any deals before the deadline?  I'm intrigued by Verlander, I've always really liked him.  I'd hate to give up Happ, though.

They aren't trading Happ for Verlander, unless the Tigers pick up the vast majority of that contract.  Think more in the Almora/Candelario+ realm.  

I think they absolutely do make at least one more deal for a veteran backup C with good defense though.  I mentioned Rene Rivera before, and he would make a lot of sense.  Joe just simply doesn't trust Caratini back there.  Willy's bat needs to stay in the lineup, but he also needs to catch fewer games down the stretch to keep him fresh.  Get Rivera and allow Willy to rest one day a week and to play LF at least one other day a week to save his knees.    

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1 hour ago, malak1 said:

This weekend could, and should, be a total back-breaker and demoralizer for the Brew Crew. I'm thinking about getting some tickets and taking the drive up to MKE for tonight's game.

Wrigley North is gonna be bumpin.  

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