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BDL 2018 Week 8: Rome Eternals @ Hawaii Nightmarchers


Rome Eternals @ Hawaii Nightmarchers  

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BDL 2018 Week 8

Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both.

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Rome Eternals

QB Drew Brees

RB Todd Gurley

WR JuJu Smith Schuster

WR Marquise Goodwin

Slot WR Julian Edelman

TE Jordan Reed

LT Tyron Smith

LG Ramon  Foster

C Brandon Linder

RG Braden Smith

RT Ryan Ramczyk


TE OJ Howard

WR Cameron Meredith

WR Amari Cooper

OL  Justin Britt

RB Phillip Lindsay

OT Andre Smith

RB Marlon Mack -q

QB Mitchell Trubisky


Edge Marcus Davenport

UT Dalvin Tomlinson

NT Michael Brockers

Edge Carlos Dunlap

LB CJ Mosley

LB Leighton Vander Esch

LB Matt Milano

CB Prince Amukamara

CB William Jackson

S Tedric Thompson

S Shawn Williams


Edge Dante Fowler

Edge Takk McKinley

CB Nickell Robley Coleman

DL Matt Ionnadis

DI Tyson Alualu

CB Jonathan Jones

CB Janoris Jenkins

LB Josh Bynes



Hawaii Nightmarchers


QB – Russell Wilson
RB – Saquon Barkley

RB - Tarik Cohen
WR – Antonio Brown
WR – Stefon Diggs

WR - Christian Kirk 

LT – Andrew Whitworth

LG – Marshall Yanda
C – Ryan Kelly
RG – Brandon Scherff
RT – Jordan Mills

BN – TE- Dallas Goedert
BN - RB - Dion Lewis
BN – WR – Pierre Garcon
BN – WR - Josh Doctson
BN – WR - Tre’Quan Smith
BN – OT – Shon Coleman
BN – OC/OG - Pat Elflein  


DE – Jadeveon Clowney
DT – Sheldon Rankins
DT – Deforest Buckner
DE – Frank Clark
LB – Brandon Marshall
LB – Roquon Smith
CB – Casey Heyward
CB – Marshon Lattimore
SCB - Bobby McCain
FS – DJ Swearinger
SS – Eric Weddle  

BN – DE – William Hayes
BN – DE - Arik Armstead
BN – DE - Kyler Fackrell
BN – DT - Corey Liugent
BN – LB – Tahir Whitehead
BN - S – Ron Parker
BN – CB – K’Wuan Williams

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Rome Eternals


This week we welcome in a surging Hawaii squad.  Hawaii has some nice pieces but have some weaknesses we feel we can take advantage of.

Hawaii has become a hair predictable over the past couple weeks as they like to run press coverage outside while going with a cover one look.  We have a plan to destroy this which is simply to attack the outside. We like our match ups with Edelman in the slot as well as with Reed/Howard and Gurley on their LB.  

We are generally going to be putting Reed or Gurley in motion out wide to determine coverage.  Neither of the Hawaii lb have shown much in terms of coverage this season and we will attack them ad nauseum with outs corner routes and hitches.  We will generally be running this to the Goodwin side of the field as his main job is to use his world class speed to take the top off the defense near the sideline This should open up the rest of this side of the field for Reed and Gurley.   Howard and Reed will split snaps equally cause well they get hurt a lot. Reed will split out wide more often than Howard.

Edelman should have a solid match-up inside and he and Juju will run a lot of route combinations on their side of the field.  We don't fear any of their corners this season and trust Brees to just hit whoever is open

Up front Orlando has a solid offensive line.  However we feel like we can accomplish our goals this week relying on Smith and ramcyk studding it on the outside.  While Linder has been great at center, the guards are gonna get his help if one is struggling.

No we have not forgotten about the running game.  Gurley is gonna get about 20-25 touches with a lot of running to the Clark side of the line as well as interior running.  We don't fear their interior at all in run defense. More running will takes place when Howard is on the field

Also we will break out the five wr formation a handful of times this game as Hawaii simply doesn't have five CB on their roster.  This should lead to some chunk plays

As always Brees has control of offense and will audible for zone coverage to seams floods and seams.  If anyone is dumb enough to try zone against Brees, more power to them. He'll destroy it

Special note.  Whatever Hawaii does. They basically do it all game without changing it up so Brees will audible and has play calling abilities in the huddle to beat it.


Tl/Dr.  Attack the lb and third corner in passing game.  Go for boundaries and take the top off on occasion.  Stay committed to run inside. Handful of 5 wr sets against team without 5 CB



This week we welcome in the impressive duo of Saquon Barkley and Russell Wilson.  They also have one of the best WR in football in Antonio Brown

First let's start with the passing game.  William Jackson gets the start against Brown this game and as last year showed, he can handle it.(for some reason the Bengals had him on Juju mostly this year)




Now does that mean we aren't gonna give him help occasionally. We will but we like the match up more than one would think.  On the opposite side, Amukamara has been a top ten corner this season and he gets Diggs in what should be a fun match up.

Up front the meat wall should stop the interior run game while the pure athleticism of our lb should allow us to go side to side against Barkley.

We will be sending blitzes on most plays with either a LB or S and we'll be rotating which lb to keep Wilson guessing.  All three of our lb can cover the Hawaii meh tight ends while vander Esch will use his freak athleticism against Barkley in the cover game.  On plays where he's blitzing a safety will get that responsibility.

We love our match up on the right side of their line as they generally don't give Jordan mills any help.  We're gonna rotate fresh legs on the edges and abuse him forcing Wilson to roll left if he is going anywhere to force across his body throws on roll outs   Dunlap will have the most run over here. Ioannidis is still a top 10 pff interior pass rusher and will get run on all third and longs.

Three wide nrc takes the slot for Milano with Jenkins and Jones as extra corners for four/five wides

We'll also throw in some zone blitzes on about a quarter to a third of the plays to not get too predictable and give our corners a break from running around the field after the wr.


Tl/dr    Trust the front seven to stop Barkley.  Don't let brown beat us. Harass Wilson all day




Hawaii Nightmarchers


Running game – This week the focus of our running game will be through the air. We plan on giving Barkley his standard carries but we thing the best way to attack this defender is through the linebackers and the secondary. Barkley will get 80% of the Carries, spelled by Tarik Cohen and Dion Lewis. We'll look to Challenge the Back seven of Rome by sending RBs and TEs wide to find mismatches in size against the CBs and speed against the LBs. This is where we think we'll find some good success. 

Passing game – This week we plan on spreading the Rome defense and attacking levels of the defense. AB, Diggs, and Kirk will make sure to attack the intermediate and deeper levels as Rome's corners won't be able to stay with them for longer routes and Rome is really hurting in the area of Safety play so we'll make sure to get regular deep shots. As mentioned before the RBs will be very involved in the passing game and the TEs will be spread wide to open up the middle of the field. As we spread the Defense Wilson will Be given the green light to take off, if a LB stays in to spy A RB/TE should be open over the top.


DL/LB – The Key this week for our defensive line will be to play smart, the DEs will make sure to play contain on the Edges Against the run and getting thier hands up In the passing lanes. The pressure this week will be coming up The middle. Deforest Buckner will have a field day against Braden Smith and Sheldon Rankins will be back in the middle eating double teams and containing Gurley on the inside. Brandon Marshall will be focused on shutting down Gurley and on occasionally sending pressure with the A gap blitz up the middle to force Brees to throw outside.

Secondary – The secondary will be playing a press man the goal is that with the A gap pressure Brees will try to get rid of the ball early to the outside, the press coverage will limit the short throws and open the CBs up for INT opportunies. Lattimore and Hayward will be playing the edges and Bobby McCain will be playing the slot, if they go 4 wide K'wuan Williams will come off the bench. Swearinger will be playing the center field free safety role and Weddle will come down in the box to cover the TE or focus in on Gurley. If they go 5 wide Weddle will take the 5th WR.

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I like Rome offense quite a bit here. I think their OL can beat Orlando OL quite often. Buckner is ok, but I don't see him as a one man wrecking crew who can disrupt Brees rythm every snap, and Rankins isn't very good. I like Gurley ability to run and catch here and I like the TE and Edelman matchups too. I think press coverage could hurt Juju though who operates a lot from the slot.

On the other hand Rome D aggressiveness may lead to more incompletions than usual, but it could also lead to some big plays. With only one safety deep, possibly on a double team to AB, pressure is on the rest of  the back 7 to perform. While Rome DBs are good, do I trust VDE, Mosley, Milano or the safeties to keep Hawaii RBs in check? Nope.

I think it's a great game between 2 Bizz Bowl favourites but I like Rome consistency and ability to control the clock a bit better. 38-34 Rome


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It could for a handful of snaps but Amari Cooper (Rome 5th today) v Eric Weddle could have catastrophic results.

I’ll take the home team as these teams are quite even. I like the weapons Wilson has and even though Mills isn’t doing well in pass pro, Wilson’s elusiveness and barrage of talent do enough to spring an upset. Rome admittedly had a better game plan nonetheless. 


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Two very very even teams which makes it difficult for me to pick. I like where both teams are going with the game plan. I think both pass-rushes have a degree of success against their corresponding OLs - Mills is a weakspot obviously but you're not reaching auto-lose territory when you surround him with an otherwise very good OL. 

Rome's RB stable and depth of weapon group is pretty impressive to me, although I might not be as high on the WR group as most. I think one major mistake which Hawaii made however that is fatal to me is putting Brandon Marshall on Gurley. That simply won't end well, Marshall is pretty crappy these days and Gurley's the best RB in the league.

I think Gurley ends up having a big game and carries Rome to a statement win after a heavy defeat last-week. 

Rome 28 - 27 Hawaii in game of the week.

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Ugh this is a good game. I should have taken more time with it last night. I'm very, very conflicted.

Both offenses are good. Rome has a good matchup with Edelman against McCain and Gurley against the Hawaii LBs. They also get an advantage in their 5 WR sets against 4 CBs. I do, however, think their outside WRs get blanked and they occasionally succumb to the A-gap pressure from Hawaii

I like Hawaii listing Tarik Cohen as a starter, but I wish they involved him more in the gameplan. Barkley is matchup proof for me at the moment (Gurley too) although Rome does a better job on him than Hawaii does with Gurley. I also like Antonio Brown against William Jackson, despite their history, even though Jackson does get some help. Mills is an issue as others have noted. I like using Wilson as a scrambler as well.

I wish I had given myself more time to think about this. I'm going to go Rome barely barely. I think Gurley/Edelman/5 WR is able to put drives together a little bit more consistently than Hawaii is able to in this one.


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