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Week 13 Rivalry Week! | Other Games Thread



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  1. 1. What is the GOTW? --- You can select more than one

    • #9 UCF @ USF
    • #6 Oklahoma @ #13 West Virginia
    • #16 Washington @ #8 Washington State
    • #4 Michigan @ #10 Ohio State
    • Georgia Tech @ #5 Georgia
    • Auburn @ #1 Alabama
    • South Carolina @ #2 Clemson
    • #3 Notre Dame @ USC

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If OU wins, West Virginia will be out of the Big 12 title game, which would free them to schedule a make-up game with another school that lost a game due to a hurricane earlier this year. Southern Miss is a possibility, especially if they were to beat UTEP and become bowl-eligible tomorrow night, thus, they wouldn't mind losing to West Virginia as much in that case. There is also North Carolina, who is not bowl eligible and would not mind having a 12th game.

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6 hours ago, PARROTHEAD said:

The bias against the "Would Be" winner on the poll in LSU A&M is disgusting. Every week an utter lack of respect. The jealousy is ruining the forum for the good hearted, decent, hard working folk we call SEC Fans. Quit being so jealous of us. Its not our fault you suck in comparison.

lol I was going to include them but then I realized it's being aired on the SEC Network.

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