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Week 13 - Broncos (Jeff Driskel era begins)


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5 minutes ago, THE DUKE said:

Watch Driskell go out and throw for something crazy like 350 yards and 4 TD's.  First time we've have AJ, Boyd, and Ross all playing in quite a while.

I hope so..


I mean I don't expect much, but it would be awesome if JD ended up being really good.

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33 minutes ago, fluhartz said:

yep.. I would imagine Miller and Chubb are going to give Driskell nightmares after Sunday

I would think we'd have the TE's pass blocking quite a bit tomorrow, and have RB's checking the edge before releasing as an outlet.

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I tried to make a poll for this question but it wasn’t working so I’ll put it here.


What is more likely to happen at the end of the year?

1. Driscoll turns into Montana’s brain and heart inside Vick’s body and becomes the talk of the league all offseason and puts the team into Super Bowl range.


2. They win one game the rest of the season with some more bad blowouts and Marvin gets fired.


of the two possibilities which has a better chance of happening?

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