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Game 12: Browns @ Texans; the Browns Superbowl.


get on that poll.  

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  1. 1. Baker is...

    • GOATy
    • good.
    • Hornbybrown
    • the best thing from texas
    • QB1 (of the nfl)
  2. 2. Browns go to Texas and

    • kick name and take ***
    • just win baby
    • Houstans texas wins (refs)
    • hornby2
  3. 3. Who wins NFL rookie of the week this is

    • Baker
    • Ward
    • Corbett
    • Chubb
    • chad
    • Callway (he is due)
    • Avery (also due
    • Simeon Thomas
    • kiwi
    • Desmond harrison

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2 minutes ago, LETSGOBROWNIES said:

I feel like Jabril makes more plays at the LOS than Garrett in the run game.

Dude might as well just play passing downs.

I think he fills his purpose and takes up a blocker or two.  I think the issue is we have one good run stuffing LB in Schobert.  Our other LBers aren't great.  Collins can rush the passer and sometimes plays good pass d and Vallejo is there because we have no one else available. 

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