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The Milwaukee Brewers Thread - CY Burnes, 2021 NL Central Champs


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On 5/7/2022 at 12:43 PM, beekay414 said:

Since last July, our entire starting rotation is top ~50 in fWAR (unqualified list btw).

Corbin Burnes - #1 (4.4)
Brandon Woodruff - #25 (2.5)
Eric Lauer - #31 (2.3)
Freddy Peralta - #36 (2.1)
Adrian Houser - #48 (1.8)

I'd love to know why Ashby started today instead of Woodruff.  Doesn't Woody usually start the following game after Burnes?

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Is there a more team friendly contract in baseball than Freddy Peralta's?

$1.3 Million in 2021 for 4.0 fWAR
$2.5 Million in 2022 for 1.3 fWAR so far
$3.75 Million in 2023
$5.75 Million in 2024
$8 Million club options in 2025 and 2026

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On 6/29/2022 at 8:41 AM, beekay414 said:

Going Williams-Hader in the 8th-9th is just a cheat code when Williams is clicking.

Hader is a hot mess right now, time to move Williams to the closer role. 

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