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Chiefs @ Packers "The Camp Body Bowl"


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Believe that was both EDGE players standing over the A gap and dropping into coverage, leading to a 3 man pressure, but still a 1-1 for Keke on the edge. The difference between a Dom 3 man rush and a Pettine one. OL was confused by the alignment and we still got a 1-1 and got to drop 8, great defense.

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1 minute ago, packfanfb said:

Still think his tackling is weak but he's probably our 4th best safety.

Here I was thinking he's the only guy we have that drives his feet through the tackle.  

If he can play like this at CB and fill in on ST/S, he's a helluva player to have.  

We were pissed that we lost Breeland, but Redmond could be just as good.

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2 minutes ago, HighCalebR said:

Anybody else got their keke jerseys ordered?

Just gonna swap the 7 for a 9. Dude looks legit. On MD, havent seen this anywhere on here.


“Being a man of faith, when good, bad or indifferent happens, I’m going to be excited,” Daniels said. “When you come to the NFL, you work so hard, you just give everything you’ve got every single day. You walk to that building, you say, ‘They are not going to cut me. I’m not going to get cut, I’m not going to be released, I’m going to make it hard for them.’

“Though when it happened, then I saw an opportunity to play with the Lions, I said, ‘Man, I’m glad I got cut.'

“I’m really excited to be here. Really excited to be here.”


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