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BDL 2019 Week 4 - Hawaii Nightmarchers @ Rome Eternals


Hawaii Nightmarchers @ Rome Eternals  

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BDL 2019 Week 4

Match:  Hawaii Nightmarchers @ Rome Eternals

Away Owner: @Pickle Rick 

Home Owner: @bcb1213

Vote for who you think will win this game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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Hawaii Nightmachers


QB - Russell Wilson

RB - Tarik Cohen 

WR – Stefon Diggs

WR - TreQuan Smith  Inactive

WR - Danny Amendola  - Inactive

TE - Vance McDonald  Inactive

LT - Taylor Decker

LG - Marshall Yanda 

C - Ryan Kelly

RG - Brandon Scherff - INACTIVE

RT - Bryan Bulaga 


BN - RB - Alexander Mattison

BN – WR - Christian Kirk

BN – WR - Diontae Johnson

BN – C/G - JC Tretter

BN -  C/G – Pat Elflein



DE - Jadaveon Clowney

DT - DeForest Buckner

DT - BJ Hill

DE - Frank Clark

LB - Demario Davis

LB - Roquon Smith - Inactive

CB - Casey Heyward

CB - Marshon Lattimore

Slot CB - Bobby McCain

S - Anthony Harris

S - Eric Weddle 


BN – DE - Harold Landry

BN – DE - Kyler Fackrell

BN - DT – Jaleel Johnson

BN – DT – Chris Wormley

BN – LB – Duke Riley

BN – CB – Charvarious Ward

BN – CB - Kendall Sheffield

BN – S – Nasir Adderley


Rome Eternals

QB Mitch Trubisky 

RB Todd Gurley 

TE Cameron Brate 

WR Amari Cooper

WR Juju Smith Schuster 

TE OJ Howard 

LT Tyron Smith 

LG Richie Incognito 

C Brandon Linder 

RG Mike Iupati

RT Ryan Ramczyk


WR Julian Edelman

WR Marquise Goodwin

WR James Washington 

OL  Braden Smith 

RB Chris Thompson

RB Marlon Mack

RB Phillip Lindsey 

TE Tyler Eifert


DE. Carlos Dunlap 

NT Michael Brockers 

DE Dante Fowler Jr

LB Leighton Vander Esch

LB Jordan Hicks 

LB Matt Milano 

CB Marlon Humphrey 

Cohen cover William Jackson 

CB Prince Amukamara 

CB Nickell Robley Coleman 

S Tre Boston 


Edge Ziggy Ansah 

Edge Marcus Davenport 

 DL Gerald Mccoy 

DL Dalvin Tomlinson 

CB Nate Hairston 

CB Janoris Jenkins 

S Rayshawm Jenkins 

LB Neville Hewitt 

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Hawaii Nightmarchers


Next week will be much better I promise.  

With Brown and Barkley out we will be turning to Tarik Cohen and hope he has coming out game for 2019.  We will be making him the center of our gameplan. He seems to do his best work in the passing game so we will be running pretty heavy on first and second downs while alternating series with Cohen and Mattison. After a couple series we will be mixing in some screens and short passes to. Oehn to get him out in open space, this is where Cohen will get to do his damage.  In the second half we will be taking some shots deep to Diggs while working some RPO's with slants on the outside (looking to hit Amendola for bigs gains with the LB's jumping in to stop the run). On 3rd and long we will be running some quick out routes and slants to pick up the yardage and move the chains. Once the second half hits the out routes and slants will turn into out and go's hoping the DB's bite on the pump fake for some big plays.  


We will be gearing up to **** down Gurley and their run game.  Our LB's will be run blitzing on first and 2nd down hoping to force them into 3rd and long a bunch.  On 3rd down we will be showing the blitz but actually dropping 7 into coverage to play a zone D, with the intention of keeping everything in front and short of the line to gain.  After a number of series we will be switching up to man to man press coverage to force their QB to fit beat us with the pass. Once we switch to the man to man press coverage will be throwing in some occasional blitzes.  They will be focused on throwing multiple bodies at Ramczyk and force their weaker side to mis-manage the bodies and get some free shots at the QB and force some turnovers. 


Rome Eternals


This is the team that beat us for the Bizz Bowl last year.  We're looking to roll some heads.


Toting the Rock

Well we are gonna pound away behind our base formation here as Hawaii simply doesn't have a third actual NFL LB 

It all starts up front with a some road grading linemen.  None of the Hawaii defensive line has been playing all that great this season so that really opens up a lot of options for us 

Last week we used a lot of power running with inside zones, power o, and counters.  While those return we also feel using our exceptional tackles on stretch plays with two tight ends on a side should get us some chunk yards on the ground.  When we get the front door tired we'll get some more tosses to get our RBs on second level defenders 

We have three excellent running backs to keep hammering at this group.  Gurley, Mack, and Lindsey will each get 30% of the snaps with Thompson getting the long distance ten percent 

We also plan on running some options and draws with Trubisky from four wide spread formation generally with Lindsey or Thompson 


 Our early down passing will be run off some RPO and play action.  We're gonna move the pocket on the playaction to let Mitch do what he does best 

In longer distances we'll go four wide with Edelman, and Goodwin hitting the field. Thompson receives some screen passes as well as a couple wheel routes if Hawaii forgers about him.  If we start seeing zone expect floods and lining up three wr on one side with screen passes to Juju or swing screens to Thompson/Lindsey We'll hit seams and simple drag routes too as needed 

In the four wide we look to attack in the slots with Edelman and Juju.  Goodwin goes outside on that formation and we'll take a couple deep shots to him if we get man. Edelman is gonna get a boatload of targets in man from the slot in passing situations against McCain or whoever else is there to keep the chains moving 

We respect Heyward and probably won't throw that way much but Lattimore has been struggling and both the LB are just OK in Coverage. We'll hit whoever is open and we feel our line can give us time to find someone. 

TL/DR:  Run heavy to get tos the second level of team with only two LB. .  Rpo, play action passing game, qb options, and screens .  



This week we face Russell Wilson and the challenges he brings While the listed is the base formation,  we will be running four d linemen often as well We go lighter this week as well, they don't have a tight end 

We honestly have no idea what we're gonna see from the new management here but I imagine some sort of gimmicky offense around Cohen and Wilson running.  We're guessing two RB shotgun. The base 3-3-5 allows us to combat this. If Mattison is the lone back or four wide we'll move into a regular dime with Mccoy in for Milano and Hairston in for Hicks.  Ansah subs Dunlap on long distances with Tomlinson in for Brockers. Fowler rotates out when he needs a break with Davenport. 

Our main goal in this game is to set the edges and funnel everything inside to the linebackers and meat wall brockers. Dunlap and Fowler set these edges and they'll be able to turn back their ears on long distances.  We'll rotate our d line pretty heavily to keep everyone fresh. 

The main attraction of running a 3-3-5 is that it allows the linebackers to shine.  We feel we have the best trio of LB in BDL and we're counting on this group today to make plays all over the field.  It allows us to blitz one of these guys every play to maintain the four man front but the blitz can come from any of them.  It also allows a blitzing lb to jump the RB on an option play while keeping two other lb able to wrap up Wilson 

In the backend we aren't gonna really do many assignments.  We trust our guys to shut down this group of WR by doing what they do best. Humphrey and Amukamra get the outside, nickell gets the slot.  William Jackson goes speed for speed with Cohen and will play in the box if he's in the backfield   

In the 3-3-5 one LB will be assigned Mattison if two RB and one will be assigned underneath zone spying Wilson exclusively. Boston per usual plays deep safety.  In four wide, LVE is the underneath spy zone LB with Hairston getting a slot. (nickel will have Diggs in slot coverage) 

We will per usual mix in zones blitz, base zone, and cover two man on occasion tour keep the offense guessing 

Tl/dr. Maintain edge responsibility, let lbs make plays blitzing covering spying, lock down Cohen, trust the corner talent

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Any attempt to be very consistent here I have to go against Hawaii 1st of all rogue one's net is a big loss for this week in my opinion by at the end of the day away just have so much unavailable to them that I just don't think over all their quality matches up against an opponent they're still a good team and in a healthier week I'm not sure I would have voted against them maybe I would have by because it isn't a healthier week that influences my decision here and I gotta go Rome. 


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For the record I liked Hawaii gameplan. I won't vote for them because having only 12 valid players on offense, including 6 OL, is not going to get you anywhere in BDL and, while it's tough luck for a 1st game, I can't rule that out of my judgement without being unfair to bcb. But I thought that was a good plan.

Only thing I would worry is the sequencing. Playing the same coverage again and again on consecutive drives will likely end up being predicatable IRL so I would leave some uncertainties here and there so the offense need to keep guessing.

But for a first time, it's good work.

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Pickle Rick and Orca, looking at your lineup I feel your pain in this one. What a tough way to start your time in the league. As your team gets healthy it's going to get dangerous. I think Rome wears down Hawaii pretty easily in this one. 

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