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Eagles resigning McLeod


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1 minute ago, AustrianEagle said:

the only thing i hate here is that 99% of eagles fans cant spell his name right!

MC  -  LEOD  - one C, not 2!

curious about the numbers..

I always just say his name how it's spelled. "Mc Lee Odd"

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I like it.

Honestly McLeod might've been better than Jenkins last year. 

The decline for Jenkins has started. Don't think he'll fall off a cliff this season, but if we signed him to a 3 or 4 year extension we could be regretting  it.

There is no way that Malcolm would've taken a 6 million per average like McLeod just did which is a very fine deal for us.

Don't get me wrong.... I feel for Jenkins. He watched other guys get signed over the years and he played like every snap and gave us much needed stability on the back end and leadership. He deserves to get a nice little last pay day, but it makes more sense for a team with more $ to burn.

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Finally!  A move I really like.  I’ve always liked McLeod; unfortunately with the Eagles playing single high safety, and both CB constantly allowing deep throws over their heads, he’s stuck in no man’s land too often.

Heaven knows Mills isn’t gonna be any help back there — now it’s crucial the Eagles get at least one good CB

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5 minutes ago, baconrad11 said:

McLeod gets way too much hate on here.

He's a solid player. I like him. Hopefully we didn't overpay though

Wayyyyyy too much.

He won't be an Eagle after this 2 year deal I don't think, but he's solid as hell and was playing really really well in 2018 before the injury.

Hell.... he may have been just as good as Jenkins last year or close if you don't think so.

People just don't get to see him make as many plays on the ball cause he's playing deeper and letting Jenkins be the one near the LOS and yes I know Malcolm is better there. I'm just saying casuals will knock McLeod cause he's not near the ball as much when he never could be.

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