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BFMD: Lean, Mean, and Quarantined Edition

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3 hours ago, Reginaldm9 said:

Alright. S/o to everyone who signed up, but getting people to play has been rough already. I doubt we’d sustain the level of focus needed for this to be really fun. Better luck next time. 

You're only one short... I mean if that is the reason I'd take the last spot. I just wanted to give other more sophisticated fans the opportunity.

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37 minutes ago, Reginaldm9 said:

Thinking it makes sense to start the draft Monday? Any opposed? I'll have the thread up later today. 










None, I would just like to point out I do work overnights sooooo I’ll do my best 

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Draft thread is up. Timings are listed as well. Any issues with that and I'll do my best to accommodate. Keep in mind if you don't make the pick at the slated time, you'll just be lapped by someone else. The most important thing is to keep making picks every day, even if you miss your time slot. Since our ranks are a little thin, a couple of missed days pretty much will doom the entire operation. 

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Idk I think a scoring system is fine. I think we should have a voting tournament type thing. 

maybe using the Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, and All Pro points from last year to create a seeding. Then get a odd number of outside voters to come in and vote on what team they think I’ll win. After the season, we do a reseeding based off of ‘20 SB, PB, and AP and have another vote 

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