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CFB Misc News Thread


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Webby wants us to create threads.  At the same time, we realize college football has a lot of teams, and we can't possibly cover threads for all of the teams in which to post discussion items.  We are going to try out posting a Misc News Thread for minor news and discussion items, but please abide by the following guidelines, or else @MikeT14 and I will consider this experiment over.  

1.) Make sure that big news has it's own thread.  If the news is about a top player at a top school, it probably deserves it's own thread.  If a head coach at any FBS school is gone, that deserves a thread.  A big name coordinator getting hired/fired at a school like Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, etc probably deserves a thread.  Other hirings/firings can go in the annual carousel thread.  If the news is about a player at a mid-major school, even a QB, it could probably go here.  

@MikeT14 and I reserve the right to split threads out from this topic if we consider them thread-worthy and/or they garner more than a handful of posts for discussion.  

2.) We have threads for major teams and the AAC (located in the stickied Directory thread) as well as threads for the Transfer Portal, Recruiting and a recurring coaching carousel thread.  Make sure you use the right thread.  

3.) Follow the rules when posting items here.  If the news doesn't fit the site rules, it probably shouldn't be posted.  If we have to close the thread to remove these things, it will get reopened in time but we will keep it closed to provide a break for everyone. 

4.) If another thread is closed due to forum rules being broken, this thread should not be a spillover place.  If it becomes that, we will keep the thread locked for a time and delete offending posts.  

Too much of any of these may result in this thread being closed permanently.  None of us want that, so please help us out and don't do it!

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I'll start. Recently, Virginia Tech hired Corey Fuller and Jeron Gouveia-Winslow to the coaching staff (roles yet to be announced). Both played for the Hokies in the early 2010s. Both were presumably hired to help with recruiting and to learn to coach their respective sides of the ball. Jeron, from Northern Virginia, should help solidify that footprint again. 

Ideally this moves on from the BS of #TX2VT etc and puts some focus back on Virginia itself where THERE IS PLENTY OF TALENT ALREADY THAT LEAVES THE STATE

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11 hours ago, BobbyPhil1781 said:

They are just going to drive more people to go to community college until this is done.  There isn't any reason for not adjusting tuition at all right now. 

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Ferentz with a potential HoF sorry not sorry here:


''This review brings us face-to-face with allegations of uneven treatment, where our culture that mandated uniformity caused many Black players to feel they were unable to show up as their authentic selves,'' Ferentz said in a statement.

''I want to apologize for the pain and frustration they felt at a time when I was trusted to help each of them become a better player, and a better person.''


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