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Week 8 Draft.


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Like I said in my last draft, I'll refer to WSH as their previous name until they get an actual name. PICK A NAME DAN. 


In my last draft I had Lance going before Fields. Why Fields over Lance? Because I think Jacksonville would prefer Fields over Lance. With the Jets at 2 in that last one, I think the jets may rank Lance over Fields because the Jets are weird. I think the jets give darnold another chance, But they have to overhaul the entire staff.


A theme in this draft, A lot of things will look flip flopped from my previous draft. Where players go, What position is addressed. For example, I didn't have Mac Jones in my previous mock, But he seems to be rising up boards, And I have him as the 4th QB off the board in rd 1. Like Why Tryon before Moses. Well, SF is probably tired of guys getting injured on them, So they go with the player who may be a little more raw with massive potential over a stud who just can't stay healthy. Or like Why is Caleb Farley in rd 1 when he wasn't in rd 1 in the last 1? Hey, he's in rd 1 because he's good. WR picks will be similar because Teams are looking for a certain type of wr. BUF wants a big guy, NO and GB want a fast WR.



Dallas trades 2021 1st, 2022 1st, and A 2022 3rd. Even if Lawrence Refuses, Jacksonville has the leverage in jacking up the price for the man dubbed to be the next Dan Marino. By the way, INDY signs Dak. 

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On 10/17/2020 at 1:35 PM, Wyld Stallyns said:

Colts don’t need a safety, we drafted Julian Blackmon to replace Malik Hooker and he’s already starting and playing well. 
• QB could be an option unless we go free agency/trade


• LT to eventually replace Anthony Castonzo

• Edge rusher in case we don’t resign Justin Houston and Denico Autry

My comment from your last mock draft works well with this mock draft as well 

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Nah im good with passing on this im just not feeling Lance as a prospect.   As said earlier if we can't get Lawrence or Fields at our pick without trading up then im passing on a QB for us this year.   The smart move here would be to trade down for a QB needy team to get some quality picks so we can start replacing higher priced vets to get our cap space back on track and to replace guys not getting the job done at like Safety, DE, LB, RB and LG.   Also TE #2 is a need as well but can be had later to pair with Hurst. 

Im feeling Parson, Rosseau, or maybe even Chase if we have to stay at that pick.  Chase would be a value pick and future replacement for julio to pair with Ridley going forward.

Parsons paired with Debo and Foye would make for a hell of  a LB core.

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34 minutes ago, brushmyhair said:

I thought about an edge rusher tbh, You a fan of the guy from Oregon State?

Not too familiar with him, but I just read his profile on TDN and he sounds like someone who could push Ben Banogu to play opposite Kemoko Turay. And eventually if one of them doesn’t improve replace one of them. Plus having him work with Robert Mathis would really help him develop his pass rush. 

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5 hours ago, LinderFournette said:

Lawrence wont refuse to play for Jacksonville.  Hes a rural georgia boy so fl would be pretty good for him that perspective. 

Id pass on najee harris or any back based on how James Robinson has played

Normally I would agree, But because Dallas is picking 2nd, he would engineer a trade there. You make a fair point about Robinson

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5 hours ago, brushmyhair said:

Normally I would agree, But because Dallas is picking 2nd, he would engineer a trade there. You make a fair point about Robinson

Lawrence doesn't strike me as a guy who would demand a trade like that.  He also seems to like the southeast since hes lived in both ga and sc. 

As far as the compensation for that trade i would say lawrence would cost 7 1st rounders as hes seen as the best qb prospect since luck. 

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