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Bears Vs. Saints GDT


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2 hours ago, 41st ward Chicagoian said:

Over/under. Montgomery has more than 40 yards rushing ?

I'll raise you one...

Over/under 1.5 incomplete passes that can/would/should have been TDS to Darnell Mooney?

And for the record I'm saying OVER 40 on the rush yards for Monty, but under 60 total for him.

I'm also picking over on incomplete Mooney breakaway TD passes at 2.

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Playcaller cant call plays, OL that is sub SEC talent, and the statue of St Nick means we somehow get 6 points. We get under 40 yards rushing.


Saints face a damn good defense and have poor conditions, score 24 points, 1 TD being a defensive score. 


Saints 24-6


I've already started drinking fellas. 


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14 minutes ago, JAF-N72EX said:

Kamara is about to get 150+ yards. Trevathan don't stand a chance against him. 

Ugh, what a terrifying thought


37 minutes ago, Bfan said:

Sounds like we may at least see a punt return as Ginn is inactive.

I'm not sure why if they promoted Harris from the PS they even kept Ginn around. It was evident from the start of the year that Ginn looked completely disinterested

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