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Week 11: Bad to the Bone or Back to Wentzville?

Who ya got?  

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  1. 1. Who ya got?

    • Browns
    • The Iggles
    • The Wiggles
    • Hornby
    • Kiwi
    • Good grief, lets just hang 30 on them, so we don't have to worry.

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Just now, pnies20 said:

So the question of the day.... did he test before he went home Monday? Will he be able to clear protocol in time if thats the case?

They are saying he should be able to clear it to be able to play vs the Jags. But he is out this week 

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5 minutes ago, candyman93 said:

Losing Myles sucks, but we gave up a crap ton of points even with him in.


It comes down to the offense executing.

Given our defense's ability to force turnovers and the value he brings on the rush component/FF/FR component, and Went'z propensity to turn it over, this was a huge loss. I agree with what you're saying about the offense, but our defense has been able to get pressure and force turnovers, despite their weaknesses elsewhere.

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Maybe Vernon will do better at RE? Hopefully Myles has an easy recovery. My wife tested positive (somewhat high risk) Monday. I'm sure I'm positive. I'm getting tested today but don't really have symptoms. She is doing okay probably more towards mild symptoms than moderate so far. We were the diligent ones, she has only went to work since March. It does suck losing Myles this week but when you are knee deep in it your first thought is hoping for a full recovery for him, even though he should be fine.

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