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GDT: SNF Tennessee Titans @ Green Bay Packers

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The fact that we have the highest scoring offense shouldn't be ignored. That is amazing. 

This offense doesn't feel like it scores a lot because we aren't passing the ball all over the place. 
But the fact that we have a Super Bowl level offense is crazy.

And isn't that normally how it goes? lol 
Hire a defensive guy and get a top offense?  Tony Dungy comes to mind. lol 
Robinson needs to do everything of sell his soul to find a pass rusher. If we get a lead and have a guy that can rush the passer, we could have a legacy!

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9 minutes ago, 615finest said:


i have to agree. Most teams are built to stop the pass nowadays.

Yeah when I looked at the ravens defense. Outside of about 2 lineman, most of the defense looks like safeties out there, size wise.  Not strong to continue to stop a punishing ground game.

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I noticed that Landry was lined up one on one with their left tackle and he was inside of the tackle. NO way does he have the strength to "push" past a OT, he needs to be WIDE..   HE basically had zero chance most of the time getting to the QB based on where he was lining up. This made it real easy for them to double team Simmons...    WE really need to improve our DL besides Jones and Simmons we got nothing.. 

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