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GDT: SNF Tennessee Titans @ Green Bay Packers

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See all of you shut adoree down people feel silly. Yes it took longer but he will be needed for this playoff run also this feels like a big primetime game we are supposed to lose. Haven't felt since the playoffs last year and im getting excited. Thing I love about this is they are a 1st half team and we are a 2nd half team and I think by the 4th they will be done tackling henry. So wont surprise me at all to see them up  35-17 at half or something but we pull it out. 

Also I think the colts get smoked by the steelers


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My god our pass rush is just done. Started with Landry Clowney Vic Correa. Vic is done and showed zero effort. Clowney was hurt all year. Correa wanted out and was traded. Like wow. And you think drafting a tackle when your top 3 LT goes down with your 1st would be perfect but hes a BUST and honestly still wish we would've drafted a OLB but yeah going forward our CBs are going to get smoked and I dont think they even have a chance. Jackson Butler King Fulton is a solid 4 and they are going to look awful with this pass rush. And with Jaylon hurt we cant even move evans down there to rush from the edge. Just a tough spot we are in. 

Random thought never should've traded casey. Yes he got hurt and yes he wasnt what he was but he still would get some pressure from time to time.

Henry better go off and Im hoping Corey keeps it going. Also go a feeling Smith has one of those games where he takes a 5 yard catch and turns in into 75 catch lol. Idk Im very interested about this game but knowing our def has zero chance to stop Rodgers and have to hope for turnovers or a perfect game from offense to win.

Also we are due a nice ST return. AHH Im all in for this one 


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3 hours ago, ttitansfan4life said:

Pass-rush sucks terrible with him and this doesn’t help. Down to what? Landry, Ray, and 300lb bum in Crawford playing edge. Wonderful. Brooks Reed likely gets the call this week.

Honestly the way they are playing we should keep trying new people out there. Can't hurt right. We should be signing someone. 14 sacks at this point is another type of bad. Boys gotta salvage this weakness quick.

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I think the titans will win and it won't be fairly close.. the packers aint ready to tackle Henry in the cold and they not ready to be as physical as this game is gonna be... they haven't beat any good teams and this team is gonna punch them in the mouth early and often... our defense I think, is gonna be a lot better than people expect. so much hinges on the steeler game tho..maybe I'm wrong, but if they beat the colts and we beat the packers, I don't think any starters play much if at all against the texans...

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