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Predict the Team Name Thread: Rules inside

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Let's see if any of you can correctly predict the *new* team name, that will be unveiled supposively in Jan. (Or sometime early next yr)

I will keep a record here for those predictions. Everyone on this site is eligible to make their predictions, although this thread will remain here since it's specifically Washington team related.

Here are the rules:

1)Only 1 team name prediction, per person.

2)Once a team name prediction is used, it cannot be duplicated again. That name would be off limits to everyone else.

3)No editing your prediction. Once you post it, it's locked in for good till the official unveiling of the name. (Plus it will be posted here, so I can keep track)

Keep in mind that the team has already said they will be keeping the colors of Burgundy & Gold.

And Yes, WFT (or Football Team) is eligible to be used by 1 person who believes it's this name. Even though they currently are using this name at the present time.

So put your thinking caps on & try to nail the correct team name for Washington ???!

I will also keep all team name predictions here & in Alphabetical order, so that it will easier for you to search for on the name you think it will be & to use.

I'm also thinking about giving the winner (since it will only be 1 person) A new Hat, with that new team name on it, as soon as production for their products are available. But maybe that can be discussed further as well, since Jerseys & other lines of product will be available.

I will kick off this thread with my own prediction.


MikeT14: Armada

Aceinthehouse: Bravehearts

Lavar703: Football Club

Joshstradamus: Hogs

RskinGM: PCs

ArtmonkHOF: Redhawks

Turtle28: Redtails

Slappy MC: Redwolves

MKnight82: Vaccines

Ovfd55: Warthogs

RIpsean21: Wolves

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I like your suggestion of Bravehearts, but like my #1 seed of Admirals it’s not even being considered as far as I know. There are rumblings on Twitter that some people think it will be Comanders, they say they’re picking it up w/ some kind of information that the rest of us don’t know about but, who knows. 🤷‍♂️

I want Red Wolves or Wolves but with the direction the team seems to be going in with the coed dance team and other things, I think they’ll want to have a team name that represents/means something to DC & African Americans.

Redtails is that name given the historical & military meaning of the name to the Tuskegee airmen. I think Jason Wright & Dan also want the team back in DC w/ a new stadium and the DC City Council voted on that name to be the teams next name 3 or 4 years ago.

So, it seems logical to me. I just hope they don’t put a cartoonish plane on their helmet. If it is the Redtails, I hope they put the cursive/curly R on the helmet like they used to use on Hats for Redskins. Also, military used to have numbers on their fighter jet helmets & they may still do - and we have #s on our helmets, so that kind of already fits if we chose to just keep the helmets & unis as is… 🤔🧐

The curly gold R would look cool on a burgundy helmet though, that’s what I want the most, even more so than a cool name! 😂 

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