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Draft Pick Watch 2022 | #15, #16 and TBD Picks


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Draft Picks:
1) PHL (via MIA), #15 overall [2021 Pre-Draft Trade]
1) PHL (via IND), #16 overall [Wentz Trade]
5) PHL (via WAS), TBD [2021 6th + 7th for WAS 2022 5th]
5) PHL (via ARI), TBD [Ertz Trade]
6) PHL (via IND), TBD [Matt Pryor Trade]



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47 minutes ago, oland11 said:

Well Jacoby Brissett is their new starter. If anything, I expect him to keep them exactly along the path they were going with Tua in terms of W/Ls

Waddle stock could go up, but yeah not high on Tua.

Man, if that can be a top 10 Pick it’d be huge.

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1 hour ago, Jroc04 said:

If I could guarantee us 3 top 10 picks would you tank for the year? 

Hmm, tough. Basically calling it on Hurts with that one.

I don’t think this draft is loaded to the brim with blue chip high probability players off the top of my head. A lot of DBs, which are harder to scout and draft properly. Lots of flavors of edges, all have pros with some slight question marks. Not 100% on any of the QBs yet. Like it’s a great year to have 3 1sts but I’m not sure I NEED all of them in the top ten to be happy.

Probability wise we’d still have to trade up for a QB, which most of the bad teams recently got their QB so it’s possible.

I think the thing that would make me lean yes is the two other picks being top ten. Especially the Colts pick. That’s a lot of extra value we are getting which realistically we won’t get. Basically at least an exty1st in value from what we’ll probably get.

I’m enjoying this team so don’t want to tank them, but it would set us up incredibly well. Think about the value we could get from trades too if they didn’t want to take 3.

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2 hours ago, Jroc04 said:

If I could guarantee us 3 top 10 picks would you tank for the year? 

Do we get 2 top 10 picks if we dont tank? lol

Kinda impossible to pass that up, would be a potentially franchise changing draft. Could also bump some of the capital down the road if we weren't sold on Hurts or another QB.

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Interesting takes. 

Realistically, Howie would trade down one or more of those picks most likely. Landing 3 1st round players exactly where you want them would be tough to do. Plus, expensive. I’d like to see Howie turn them into a a gaggle of picks. Maybe even get some future early picks. Just plenty of options. In this once in a lifetime opportunity, this may be a time I’d advocate a tank job. 

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