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Myles Garrett apperception Thread


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I know myself and others have very high standards/expectations for him and we get pissy when he isn’t making enough big plays but let it be known, this dude is a god damn monster. As long as he doesn’t get suspended or gets Covid, my money is on him being the DPOY all while never getting a damn holding called on him. 

He has lived up to the billing of a #1 overall pick and then some. He is On the verge of breaking major team records for the Browns and should go down as the Greatest defensive player in Browns history and potentially a first ballot hall of famer.

Always thought to myself that we would Never get to see Hall of Fame type players on our squad like we had to endure with the Steelers and the Ravens but we will have Joe Thomas and Myles Garrett with chances with Bitonio and Chubb. By the grace of god, if we win a SB, prolly be a few more as well. 

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Myles Garret came in and did EXACTLY what a top 3 pick on defense does......my Father use to always say, there are only 3 type of Defensive players that should be take in the top 3......A passrushing DE that can Stop the Run (12+ sacks on top of Clowney type Run stopping ability....or Myles Garret, Reggie White, Bruce Smith), and Run Stopping DT that can rush the passer (Run Stopping + 8-12 sacks a year....or Arron Donald, Cortez Kennedy, Warren Sapp) and Lock Down CB's who can ALSO run back kicks KR/PR.......in their Prime's Patrick Peterson or a Pacman Jones).......he was the mindset that those are the only players that can single-handedly change a defense..... 

And we have one......

I also want to put a little praise/Appreciation for one of our TE's that people in here are liking to Pick On a LOT lately.....Austin Hooper has been playing in line, split out wide, he has been one of the Best Blocking TE's in the running game, and he remains a reliable target when called upon...now he might not make the highlight reel catch everytime, but he has made some nice clutch catches....and he remains the type of threat that if we had injuries or the WR group gets depleted by covid or something, or just none one else on the offense is having a good day...... he could still have a stat line 9-83-2td's.....in a playoff game......just like were keeping "The Union" (what Brian Balindinger calls our Oline) together, we should keep the best TE group in the NFL together also....

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