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So if Brafy retires, does Gabbert hold out again?  No seriously.  Remember he was a tough re sign being a back up.  I would imagine it would be a base salary with perfornance bonuses.

Please Trask win the starting job.  Give me some hope.  He still could end up like Mike Glennon, but at least some positive vibes to start the season would be nice.  If Gabbert starts, going to feel ironically a lot like the season when Leftwich was the starting Qb.

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CBS Sports' Jonathan Jones said the Bucs "probably" can't afford high-end quarterbacks this offseason who might be available in free agency or via trade. 

If the Bucs -- $7.6 million under the salary cap -- can "keep the band together enough," Jones said, they might be able to lure a quarterback who could help the team remain a contender in 2022. Probably they can't afford Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, or any other high-end QB looking to escape their current situation, Jones said. Keeping the band together would entail locking up Tampa's offensive linemen -- including C Ryan Jensen -- and free agent Chris Godwin. That could be a tough task with Tom Brady's retirement leaving an enormous hole in the Tampa offense. Former Bucs QB Jameis Winston is again a free agent, and would make some sense as a short-term option who could keep Godwin's and Mike Evans' fantasy value afloat in 2022. Jimmy Garoppolo will also be a name mentioned in the Bucs' quarterback search.

UGH...we're going from QB heaven back to purgatory with options like Teddy B, Jameis and Jimmy G.

I'd rather just give the reigns to Trask next year and see what he's got.  


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3 minutes ago, kgarrett12486 said:

I'd rather just give the reigns to Trask next year and see what he's got.

Yep , this ^

Trask would look like a terrible pick if they didn't give him the chance next year 

Jameis talk:

Adam Sandler Comedy GIF by Netflix Is a Joke

Teddy :

Ew I Cant GIF by Trevi Moran

Jimmy G meh but I don't want to give any picks up

You either give the reigns to Trask or draft another QB and let them Duke it out

ugh... i was just getting used to having an awesome QB

But secretly... I don't trust BA (or God forbid, Leftwich) to groom a young QB

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At this point Trask and another low end QB will save a bunch on the cap.  Easier to work around the dead money from Brady and Gronk.

I believe Licht will re sign his younger FAs long term.  Keep the overall team strong and figure out the QB over time.

I would expect a very hard push to get Godwin, Davis, and Whitehead re signed.  Can t let good players just getting their 2nd contract leave.  A big enough hole will be at QB.  Brady could cover for weaker positions on the field.  Now the team has to cover for the QB.

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17 hours ago, eggybucsfan31 said:

IDK why, but I have a feeling it's going to be Garoppolo. Just don't give up anything good for him. 

But really, I'm in the same place I was 2 years ago, absolutely no chance do I want to see Teddy Bridgewater under center, I'd rather roll with Trask at that point. 

If anything, Bridgewater has shown me even less than what I thought of him before (it wasn't much). I can find anyone and pay them a lot less to game manage a dink/dunk attack and not be very good at it...

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Trying to figure out what kind of cap hit floor on our FA's might be looking at based on some cap numbers from players.

Carlton Davis - 16-17M+ based on White/Slay/Jones - Franchise Tag Potential Projected 17.2M

Jordan Whitehead - 14/15M+ based on Simmons/Baker/Jackson - Franchise Tag Potential Projected 12.9M

Chris Godwin - 19/20M based on Allen/Cooper/Thomas

Ryan Jensen - 10/11 Paradis/Hudson

Leonard Fournette - 12/13 Mixon/Jones/Chubb - Franchise Tag Potential Projected 9.5M

There is still a god amount of players that we need back but finding comps will take a good amount of time to compare.

Gholston, Stinnie, Minter, (Gronk, JPP, Suh depends on retirement choice) and I believe Cappa will be too much and probably replaced by Stinnie.




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